Cat: ‘So Who Needs Hands?’

(Hmm… what’ll I do with these cat food bags so the cats can’t get at ’em and make a mess? I know: put ’em in the top drawer under the kitchen sink…)

You can see how well that worked. In dealing with cats, always remember that if they have the will, they’ll find a way.

4 comments on “Cat: ‘So Who Needs Hands?’

  1. When we first moved here, Iggy discovered that he could do this with the cabinet drawers in the bathroom — not to get treats (certainly not in the bathroom!) but to make himself a hidey-hole behind the drawers. I finally had to get a child-proofing kit that used strips and clips that even I have trouble getting open.

    Cats should be teaching engineering courses in universities — except cats could never be turned woke and they consider humans to be unteachable anyway, except about how to be servants to cats.

    1. I know of a Siamese that has trained its human to work a full-time job, feed her high dollar cat food and to buy her all the cat toys she could desire. She’s obviously a lot smarter than me, i mean, she’s a lot smarter than her pet human. 🙂

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