An Ancient Chinese Record of Christ’s Resurrection?

I don’t have the kind of scholarship I’d need to evaluate this video. It could be poppycock. It could be true.

According to an ancient Chinese chronicle, written down some centuries after the events described, at the time of Christ’s crucifixion, people in China observed an eclipse of the sun and somehow received a message–

–That all the world’s sins rested on one man, “and pardon is granted to all under heaven.”

I would need to do a fair amount of research before I could offer any kind of opinion on this. For the time being, it’s food for thought.


5 comments on “An Ancient Chinese Record of Christ’s Resurrection?

  1. Taking the man at his word, that’s quite interesting. I certainly would not rule out the possibility. The death and resurrection of Christ are probably the most significant events in history. I would have no problem believing that the manifestations recorded in the Bible were not confined to the immediate region of ancient Israel.

  2. There’s a Wikipedia page called ‘crucifixion darkness’ with 68 notes, 35 references, and 5 academic journal references. Secular historians Sextus Julius Africanus, Lucian, and Orosius among others wrote of it. Africanus wrote of it as a global event. Considering that an eclipse causes a maximum of seven minutes darkness in local areas, and the crucifixion darkness was accompanied by an earthquake according to biblical writers, this must have been a cosmic event of unexplained origin. Salvation has a new layer of meaning here, if some massive heavenly object moved between earth and the sun close enough to block the sun’s light for three hours and cause an earthquake in Palestine. Perhaps the earth was nearly obliterated that day?

    1. If there were something blocking the sun for three hours, a lot of things could happen. Periods of low sunspot activity tend to coincide with earthquakes and volcanic eruptions, probably because of the effect of cosmic rays on the core of the earth.

      It wouldn’t surprise me even slightly if there were effects of Christ’s death and resurrection were observed and recorded in other places, besides Israel. I hope that we can learn more about this.

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