‘Are Millenials “Off” Sex’? (2018)

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Making “love” a spectator sport

Who’d be surprised if the answer was “Yes”?

During the Sexual Revolution of the 1960s, if you were 19 or 20 years old and not, er, “having sex,” you were made to feel there was something wrong with you. But some research suggests it’s gotten worse than that today.

Are Millenials ‘Off’ Sex?

Gotta, gotta, gotta “have sex”! Who can live like that? But people see movies and TV shows and cartoons and forget that none of those depicts reality. They try to measure up to what they see… and it’s fat chance of that.


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  1. I have been amazed how in high school classes I have subbed in and was assigned showing a movie that featured a sexual theme how giggly and self-conscious the students become, especially the girls – not the reaction of young people who are having all kinds of sexual experiences or obsessing on porn sites.

    1. When I was subbing (practically every day) in the 1990s, pregnant high school girls were treated like film stars. I was present when a girl announced her pregnancy and got a round of applause from the class.
      She said she did not know who the father was.

  2. These days, people think of sex much differently than they would have 100 years ago. In the age of birth control, many people have completely disassociated sex from reproduction. Also, sex has been turned into some Olympic activity in the minds of many, with unreasonable expectations of the levels of excitement and pleasure.

    I suspect that this last point is greatly the result of pornography. If one gives this a moment’s thought, it becomes easy to see the potential for trouble. Imagine if our expectations of any area of life were calibrated to the way things are portrayed in moving pictures.

    We wouldn’t want our view of safe driving to informed by watching the staged stunts in a car-chase movie, but there are many people whose view of sex has been informed by what they’ve seen in pornographic movies. But movies are illusory. Editing can leave very misleading impressions, and conceal negative consequences that may follow the acts portrayed on screen. Sadly, young people may gauge their actions against something that is very unrealistic, and very unpleasant for the participants.

    IMHO, this has served to weaken the overall appeal of sex. I’ve heard even mature people speaking of sex as if it were a contest with winners and losers. Young men fear being negatively judged if their performance is not up to some arbitrary standard. Social Media problem only amplifies the problem. Meanwhile, birth rates are down, earth wide.

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