Missing Picasso Turns Up in Marcos Family Living Room

Mystery of 'missing £125MILLION Picasso masterpiece' could finally be solved with new photo – can you spot why?

Right up there on the living room wall, above the sofa

A “long-lost masterpiece” by Picasso has turned up in Imelda Marcos’ living room (https://nypost.com/2022/05/13/missing-picasso-spotted-at-home-of-former-philippines-first-lady/). The former first lady of the Philippines for 20-some years, now the mother of the country’s newly-elected president, somehow acquired artistic property which it was not lawful for her to own.

But there it was, “Reclining Woman VI,” hangin’ on the wall, where it shouldn’t be–they were filming mother and son celebrating victory in the elections… and the “footage that aired this week with the apparent long-lost masterpiece,” for everyone who tuned in to see.

Why anyone would ever want to find a lost Picasso painting–much less hang it in one’s living room–eludes me. Different strokes, etc. Must’ve taken him all of 20 minutes to paint one of those.

So the Marcos family’s back in power, and that’s all I dare say about that. (You should talk! You’ve got Biden…)

5 comments on “Missing Picasso Turns Up in Marcos Family Living Room

  1. I guess Imelda got tired of collecting shoes and started collecting contraband art instead — or maybe I should say “continued collecting.” What a family. I was stationed in the Philippines when Marcos was President and we were under martial law.

    1. You are correct, that is one hideous and ugly “painting.” I would not sell it. I would splash it with lighter fluid, light a match and give it a toss. Then I would tell the world, that those who collect such unsightly “works of art” truly have a warped and perverted sense of beauty. And have no idea of what real works of art, truly are.

      Thomas Kinkade (the “Painter of Light”), was mocked by many in the snob-nose world of art collectors and connoisseurs. Maybe, it was because he commercialized his work and one could find his paintings on many everyday items. No matter to me, for I could proudly display any of his paintings in my home for all to see. For there is real beauty on the canvases to behold, not something dreadful like “Reclining Woman VI” by Picasso

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