Netflix Tells Woke Employees ‘Work Somewhere Else’

How long will it take Netflix to live down this caper? Or is it already too late?

I’ve steered clear of Netflix for years, ever since they aired their “Star-Spangled Salute to Abortion.” Lately an awful lot of people have been steering clear of it: so much so, that Netflix is suddenly, hurriedly, trying to clean up its act and get back some normal people for its audience.

And so the company has recently issued a “culture memo” that tells the wokies that from now on they won’t be allowed to “censor specific artists or voices” and that if they can’t live with that, it’s time they found another job somewhere else (

And don’t let the door hit you in the ass on your way out.

Is America about to shake off the evil spell that has blinded her eyes, tied her hands, and addled her brain for far too many years? Are we finally going to realize that we don’t have to obey the Far Left Crazy? And that we don’t need Netflix–or CNN, MSNBC, the Oscars, or the freakin’ teachers’ unions!–anymore? Not that we ever did need them.

There is pushback in the air! And it smells like… victory.

4 comments on “Netflix Tells Woke Employees ‘Work Somewhere Else’

  1. We can vote with our feet, or in this case, our wallets. It seems to have worked. We need food, clothing, shelter, and in our modern world, transportation, but we don’t need TV News, Social Media, or the Entertainment Industry. They need US … or they wilt and wither away. Disney may have made their brand toxic, of late, and the consequences of their choices may be very long lasting.

    I’m glad to see that Netflix is seeing fit to make some changes.

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