My ‘Bell Mountain’ Dream (For Kathleen)

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A reader in Brazil, Kathleen, has asked me for this. She wants to make a Bell Mountain video for her YouTube channel. She’s interested in the fact that the book was inspired by a dream I had one night.

I dreamed of a boy standing alone on a grassy riverbank, a shallow stream of cold water flowing over a bed of smooth stones. In the distance towered mountains, the tallest of which, Bell Mountain, was cloaked in clouds around the summit. No one had ever seen the summit.

And suddenly that mountain began to “sing” to him. This terrified him and froze him to the spot; but it was also exhilarating. He’d never heard anything like it before. He could have listened for hours, but then he woke up.

To read it as I wound up writing it, here”s a link ( Just scroll down to the sample chapter.

It was a very vivid dream, in technicolor, and I never forgot it. That was a good thing, because shortly afterward someone at the Chalcedon Foundation wondered how we’d do if we published a novel–and I was ready to write it!

I also dreamed the climax of my third book in the series, The Thunder King, and the opening chapter of the seventh, The Glass Bridge. I have always dreamed vivid, unusual dreams, all my life; and they’ve played a major role in my writing.

I look forward to seeing Kathleen’s video, and hope I can post it here for all of you.

16 comments on “My ‘Bell Mountain’ Dream (For Kathleen)

  1. I thank you for telling me your dream, Mr. Lee. It’s a very beautiful dream. I’m do glad to be making a video about your book. My sister Kerolyn and me started the video this afternoon.

    1. Oh, good heavens, that was years ago! I couldn’t possibly remember that date. I’m lucky if I can remember what day it is now.

    2. No problem, Mr. Lee. You saying that it was years ago is a good information.

    1. Oh, dear Katheleen, I want very much to see your video! But the link you gave only took me to a “Midsommer Murders” episode called “The Glitch.” Have I done something wrong, or is the link wrong? Please help!

    2. I don’t know what happened. The link is working correctly for me. So I’ll send the channel link, the video about the Bell Mountain is the first and the most recent one. You will see a doll with the book.

    3. Well, that was certainly different! I’ll post it here tomorrow so that it’ll be on all day and everyone will have a chance to see it.
      Thank you so much, Katheleen!

    4. You’re welcome, Mr. Lee Duigon. Could you leave a comment on the video? I would very much like you to do that.

  2. Hello, Mr. Lee Duigon. His comment in the video disappeared and I don’t know how it happened. Maybe it was youtube that did it. Could you comment again please?

    1. What a strange thing! I have no idea how the comment appear again. I even looked in the spam box, but it wasn’t there either. Thank you, Mr. Lee Duigon.

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