A Party for Violet?

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Not long ago, Phoebe suggested we throw a party for Violet Crepuscular to celebrate 500 chapters of her epic romance, Oy, Rodney. It’s as good an excuse as any to have a party. Hey, how many writers manage a book with 500 chapters in it? (“But look at all the chapters she skipped, to get there!” Killjoy.)

We could have the party right here on this blog, a space equally convenient to all. We’ll need a menu of snacks and foodstuffs, a roster of fun activities (Anybody got one of those forbidden “Jarts” games?), party favors and decorations, and music. A wading pool is optional. We might also vie with one another in composing laudatory poems to the guest of honor. Like, “No matter how you dial it, the Queen Of Suspense is Violet.” Ooh! I’d better disqualify myself.

Okay! Now I’m waiting for the suggestions to come rolling in.

P.S.–Imagine what a big party it’ll be if everybody reblogs this post somewhere! I’d love to see what would happen.

8 comments on “A Party for Violet?

  1. I assume there will be the usual toothpaste rolls — or does Violet hold copyright on the recipe? Other than that, we definitely need lardy cakes and roast mutton with Yorkshire pudding. Will there be room for a game of pall mall? — or at least croquet?

    1. I was also thinking of featuring your Bell Mountain series on my TikTok within the next month. I want to help support Christian authors out there by drumming up interest in their work. If you know any others who would welcome the publicity, please let me know.

    2. That would be great, and much appreciated. Maybe “Weavingword” and “ElderMike” would be interested, too.

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