Rooster Dominates Man

I know it’s terribly late, but I just couldn’t resist this video.

The man is 25 times the size of the rooster, but guess who’s in charge here.

I’d like to be there when the rooster tells the hens about it.

7 comments on “Rooster Dominates Man

  1. Yes, we have had more than one rooster who behaved like this, but we didn’t back down for them, not even the kids when they were young. My younger son would carry a big stick when he went near the ornery bird.

  2. That video reminds me of an encounter I had with two turkeys. Here in the Philippines, you can find feathered foul running lose most anywhere.

    Hence, when our church congregation had an overnight stay at a beach resort, it wasn’t unusual to find
    two extra-large tom turkeys roaming freely around the grounds. I found out if you made a gobble call the turkeys would answer back with a gobble. After we exchanged greetings several times, they started to make their way toward me, in what I perceived to be a hostile manner. From the way they moved, and the look in their eyes, I knew they had malice in their hearts toward me. I guess they misunderstood my friendly gobble greeting. Yeah, I could tell things were not as pleasant between us as I first thought, for they started to move hastily, in a zigzag pattern toward me. Their feathers were flared-out and their raised heads were bobbing aggressively as they advanced upon my position. As I backed away, I kicked at both of them to stop their progress, but it didn’t help, and one ostrich-sized fowl flapped its wings and flew at me. Its clawed feet were aimed directly at my chest. This must have been a Ninja-trained turkey, for its two-legged flying drop-kick almost got me! It was so large, as it flew towards me all I saw were feathers and clawed feet, its bulk blocked out the sight of everything else. As that one landed, the other got ready to try its flying two-legged kick. I saw my chance; I ran to find something to fend off the Birdzillas. Why can’t you find your ax when you need it most? If I had found an ax, I would not have let a “Presidential Turkey Pardon” stop me from having turkey for dinner. I found a broom and jabbed at them

  3. For some reason the rest of the story did not post; here is the rest of the story:

    and swung it all around until they slowly backed off and left. Kevin Costner danced with wolves; I danced with turkeys. I now have a little more respect for those fowls.

    1. We have wild turkeys here in New Jersey. The first time I saw one, I thought it was an emu escaped from a farm.
      PS–I got your books yesterday. Post Office had they being sent to you instead of me.

  4. In my lifetime of animal encounters, I would characterize two of these as fights. One was a prairie rattler whose anger knew no bounds, and the other was with a domestic goose. That goose was out for blood. I defeated it, by assuming a goose-like posture, at which time it realized that, while unimpressive as a h7man, I made for a pretty formidable goose.

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