Rooster Dominates Man

I know it’s terribly late, but I just couldn’t resist this video.

The man is 25 times the size of the rooster, but guess who’s in charge here.

I’d like to be there when the rooster tells the hens about it.

A Mother Hen for Kittens

“Mother hen” is no figure of speech: this hen really is acting as a mother to three kittens. It’d never happen in the wild, but once you domesticate animals, all bets are off.

And you thought the story of Romulus and Remus was a fairy tale…

Chickens Show Kids Who’s Boss

Actually, there was a video with some really funny clips, but I rejected it because it showed stupid kids, old enough to know better, picking on chickens. Mostly the chickens got the better of them: so there was justice.

The kids in this video (by contrast) don’t truly deserve to be pushed around by chickens, but no humans were harmed in filming it and maybe some lessons were learned.

The Inquiring Rooster

It’s obvious this rooster is looking for something–but what? The video is labeled “Friendly rooster follows owner”–do they mean whoever’s holding the camera?

Note the rooster’s unusual feathery feet. It looks like he’s wearing slippers.

Well, we can’t ask him what he’s looking for… but we can speculate to our hearts’ content.

Chickens’ Welcome Wagon

I have no excuse for posting this, except I really do love to watch chickens run. And if they’re going to run to meet you when they see you coming–well, what more could anybody ask?

Teaching Chicks to be Chickens

For those of us who’ve never lived in a farm, it’s and new and rather heart-warming experience to watch a mother hen teaching her chicks to feed themselves. She’s constantly vocalizing, and we can’t help thinking those sounds are the chicken equivalent of speech. She even takes some of the grain out of the dish so the chicks can reach it more easily.

As Rev. D. James Kennedy used to say, “Ain’t chance grand!”

The World’s Coziest Cat & Chicken Video

All right, it’s not the most exciting video in the world, but it’s got to be one of the sweetest. And wouldn’t you like to see these two grow up together?

Shut up, over there! I’m a swordsman and I can be as sappy as I please.

The Wonderful World of Chickens

Are they afraid of cats and dogs and puppies? No way! Are they sweet and affectionate with their pet humans? See for yourself! Will they just stand there and watch while some kid runs away with their food? Not likely!

And I’d better not show too many of these videos, or I won’t be able to eat chicken anymore. I knew I was headed for trouble when I started feeling warm and friendly to the blowfish I was catching off the dock…

Roosters on the Warpath

Who ever expects to see a chicken chasing a horse? I mean, the roosters in this video are out to take no prisoners and they don’t care if the targets of their wrath are many times bigger than themselves. Like–a horse? Rooster’s got to be kidding.

Of course, you could always just stand still and wait for the punch line…

Funky Chickens

I don’t know quite how to explain this, but something about the way chickens run always delights me when I see it. And we also have roosters who usurp cats’ dinners. I don’t suppose there are many shy roosters.

I’ve heard domestic chickens can’t fly in any meaningful sense of the word. Some of you have or had had chickens. Did any of them ever fly away?