‘So Dinosaurs Weren’t Real?’ (2015)

Scientists say new dinosaur species is largest found in Australia - BBC News

Not real? It was never real? Oh, those hoaxers!

You can find fossils if you know where to look. I’ve found fossil seashells at the Delaware Water Gap, shark and Mosasaur teeth in New Jersey claypits, and fossil squid in the bed of a certain creek in Colts Neck. Admittedly I’ve never found a dinosaur. Their fossils aren’t very common here. But many, many people have found dinosaur fossils.

Nuts say it’s all a hoax.

So Dinosaurs Weren’t Real?

The internet is full of Dino-Denial sites. Which is harder to believe? That dinosaurs actually existed, long ago, and left traces of themselves that we can see today; or that fiendishly clever hoaxers with virtually infinite resources have gone to just about every country on earth to plant fake dinosaur fossils?

Okay, we don’t know anywhere near as much about dinosaurs as some of the talking heads would have you believe. Some reconstructions, maybe even most of them, are bound to be inaccurate.

But that’s not the same thing as non-existent.

We should enjoy whatever we can of this aspect of God’s creation.

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