Kitten Learning Zipper Science

Y’know, it wouldn’t take that much luck for a cat to learn how to open a zipper. Diplomatic pouches, beware! I knew a cat who could and did open the refrigerator.

It is said that Shakespeare had a cat who could forge his signature–and that a few of those plays might be the cat’s work.

4 comments on “Kitten Learning Zipper Science

  1. I had to childproof the drawers in my bathroom cabinet so thoroughly that even I have trouble getting them open. Iggy used to pull them open and either nestle in them or get behind the open drawers.

    Notice how the kitten does a face-wash at one point. That’s how cats handle frustration or embarrassment: “When in doubt, wash.”

    1. I still have another book of Gallico’s, “The Silent Miaow.” That’s probably where I picked up the motto. My mother and I used to repeat it all the time. Iggy sometimes gives me a silent meow. It’s truly irresistible.

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