‘The Lost River of Eden’ (2015)

This has been one of our most popular posts over the years, and well it should be. The rediscovery of the long-lost Kuwait River is powerful evidence that the Bible’s record is true.

The Lost River of Eden

College left my own faith kind of iffy. But the Kuwait River dried up and was buried in the sands of Arabia at least 2,000 years (and maybe more) before the first books of the Bible were written down… according to Reputable Bible Scholars Inc. The traces of the river were undetectable until modern aerial photographic analysis became available.

So what was an accurate description of it doing in the Book of Genesis?

They can’t wriggle out of that one.

3 comments on “‘The Lost River of Eden’ (2015)

  1. The more reputable research is conducted, the more the Word of God is revealed. Only those who do not
    WANT to see the truth are still deluded.

  2. This is fascinating. Do you think the Flood would have affected this river? The Flood did a lot of rearranging all over the earth. We are still discovering evidence that points to the Flood as actual fact.

    1. The river is mentioned only in Genesis as one of the rivers of Eden. Maybe it dried up before the Flood–who knows? We didn’t even know the riverbed was there until our technology became advanced enough to show it.

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