What? No Likes?

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We’re into the afternoon by now, I’ve got to leave the blog and type up some of my manuscript… and today we have no Likes.

Granted, we don’t “like” the nooze when it’s all about wrecking America–but I can’t just make up good nooze, can I? (Maybe I should try it, though…)

Gotta go now, I’ll be back in time to post a critter video.

5 comments on “What? No Likes?

  1. WordPress won’t let me “like.” When I try to do so, they send up a “log in to like” box. But when I try to log in, they tell me all my info is wrong, regardless of which kind of info I use. Then I try to open a new account and they tell me they already have an account for that user. So I try to do an “I forgot my password” request and they supposedly send me an email with a link I have to click, but the email never arrives. I’ve long since given up trying to “like” anything with WordPress.

    But trust me, Lee; I LIKE everything you post! Truly. I just don’t always have time to comment, or someone else has already said what I was going to say.

    1. *Sigh* I’ve noticed some readers who “like” a lot hardly if ever comment, and some of our regular commenters hardly ever “like.” That’s WordPress for you.

  2. Happy writing. I’m too dizzy and weak to comment on much of anything right now, but when (and if) I can recover, I’ll try to get to it. Got three more notes with Bible studies to get ready for mail.

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