Memory Lane: Our Own Science Fiction Magazine

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When Patty and I were teenagers, there were still science fiction magazines full of cool stories to delight us.

So back in high school, a few of us got together to create and publish our own science fiction magazine, The Diomegan. All original material. The first issue was mimeographed (remember that–purple ink that smelled funny?). For the second, we did some collating work for a printer in return for him printing The Diomegan.

What a staff we had! I was art editor. We had William A. as editor in chief–a genius: you should’ve seen him wipe out the competition on TV, on College Bowl–and Jeffrey T. as science editor: later he became president of the historic Marshall Chess Club in New York City. He also built his own computer while still a high school student. In 1966!

We had Marian P., a true eccentric, and a sophomore named Joe M., who wrote weird science fiction/spy stories. And a couple of “regular” kids who helped us out a lot. We went to science fiction conventions in New York, where we met Arthur C. Clark.

We sold our magazines in a local book and stationery store and earned just a few dollars each; but we weren’t in it for the money.

Gee, I’d love to see “Smitty” and Marian again! I wonder how they made out. Last I heard, William A. had grown as rich as Croesus; and that was no surprise.

And yes, I’ve kept my copies of The Diomegan.

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  1. I loved science fiction! Still do. I would have loved your magazine. My dad got me started on E. E. Doc Smith’s Lensman series and then Skylark.

  2. Very interesting. You met Arthur C. Clark, I only got to read his books. I didn’t start to write until I was well over forty. Until then, I just put together outlines and notes for my Bible studies. Writing a book never entered my mind (with my academic background…ha, ha, ha…). But then, sometime in the middle 1990s, I gave that idea a bit of thought. I did lots of reading, so, I knew what good story writing looked like, and I thought, what if I could emulate the writings from the books I have read…I published my first book in 2002.

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