‘Journalists’ Deeply Disconnected, Pew Poll Finds

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Journalists. One doesn’t know whether to laugh or to cry.

A Pew Poll of some 12,000 journalists reveals a deep disconnect between these chatterers and the public they’re supposed to serve (https://thehill.com/opinion/campaign/3532405-the-media-bubble-is-real-study-shows-massive-disconnect-between-journalists-public/). Here are a few examples.

Asked if the nooze media were “covering the most important stories of the day”, 65% of journalists said “yes,” compared to only 35% of regular people.

Are the nooze media “serving as a watchdog over elected leaders?” Them: 52% (they’re kiddin’, right?)  Us: 30%

Do the media “manage and correct misinformation consistently?” (Is the Pope a Presbyterian?) Them: 43%  Us: 25%

Do journalists “connect to readers and viewers?”  Them: 46%   Us: 25%

The distressing thing about this survey is that it suggests that “journalism” has by no means bottomed out yet: it can get even worse. Like, only a minority of noozies think they connect with the American people. That means 54% know they aren’t connecting at all. Plenty of room for expanding the delusion!

It might be instructive to go back over old newspapers and old TV newscasts and try to find out if journalism in America was ever any better than it is now. I think it was: but I was a journalist in the 1970s, so maybe I don’t count.

3 comments on “‘Journalists’ Deeply Disconnected, Pew Poll Finds

  1. We know they are only “play acting” and looking for their paychecks. They are a waste of time at best.

    1. Confound it, though! I was a newspaperman in the 70s and I worked hard–and so did most of my colleagues on the other papers–trying to get straight, accurate, reliable news. We knocked ourselves out! And now look at it.

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