Our Self-Sink Navy

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Safe enough for you?

“I intend to sail in harm’s way.”  –John Paul Jones

“Damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead!”  –Adm. David Farragut

“We intend to create a safe space for everybody.”  –Today’s pathetic excuse for a navy.

Forget about winning wars. The U.S. Navy isn’t about winning wars, defending America, or anything like that. It’s about “right pronouns”! It’s about “affirming someone’s identity”! (https://www.breitbart.com/social-justice/2022/06/22/u-s-navy-releases-video-training-sailors-to-use-right-pronouns-not-misgender-colleagues/) They’ve even produced a training video to that effect.

Do you want to hear what office of the U.S. Navy has generated this? Better sit down first. Take a deep breath–

Naval Sea Systems Command Inclusion and Engagement Council: Diversity Team.

I wonder what Admiral Halsey would have thought of that.

I wonder what the new Communist Chinese Navy thinks of it. Thank they’re scared of us? [Seven-minute laugh break, plus oxygen]

If this doesn’t get stopped, erased, and replaced by sanity before the next major war starts… we’re sunk.

5 comments on “Our Self-Sink Navy

    1. God help us, my father was in the Navy for WWII, and his kid brother was a Marine. What they would have thought of this, I can’t imagine.

      How hard is it to believe that these things are being done to our country on purpose, to destroy it?

  1. I could only watch a few seconds of that video. Any more, and I would have thrown up everything I have eaten during the last few days.

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