A Tribute to Our Navy & Marine Fighter Pilots

I wish I’d thought of posting this for Memorial Day. But that wicked damnable piffle yesterday about the U.S. Navy focusing on “safe space” and “right pronouns” forced me to remember the real Navy that my father joined in World War II, to protect America from her enemies and overcome them.

O God our Lord! What have we come to?

This video was created as a tribute to our Navy and Marine fliers, and their sacrifices on behalf of their country. The haunting musical theme, Away He Went, comes from a 1960 movie about the life of Admiral Halsey, The Gallant Hours.

God help us, we should be convulsed with shame for what we’ve allowed to be done to our country.

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  1. Yes, your last sentence is very apt for these times. I often think of the prayer of Daniel in the 9th chapter of his book. I pray in this manner a lot.

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