Pushback (!) for Parental Rights

Parents protesting 'critical race theory' identify a new target: Mental  health programs

Are you mad enough yet, folks?

As reported by the Christian Science Monitor, as of March 1 of this year, 32 states have Parental Bill of Rights acts pending in their legislatures (https://www.csmonitor.com/USA/Education/2023/0324/32-states-and-counting-Why-parents-bills-of-rights-are-sweeping-US). Some of the bills have already failed–voted down by Democrats–but they can always come back. And there is a federal Parental Rights bill in the House of Representatives… which will be voted down by Democrats in the Senate. Or else vetoed by SloJo, who thinks opposition to “transgender” is (we quote) “almost sinful.” Rhymes with “skin full.”

And as we reported here two years ago, that ol’ Pandemic had children being “educated” online at home by “remote learning”–and for the first time, parents actually saw and heard what their children were being “taught.” And they didn’t like it!

Now we have a flurry of parental rights bills in many state legislatures. In a lot of states, the bills will never pass. But never mind. Make the Democrats go on record as being against parents’ rights, against the family. We know they think it. Now let’s make them say it–loud and clear, for everyone to hear. And while we’re at it, we can find out how many Democrat big shots send their kids to expensive private schools and wouldn’t be caught dead in those public schools that the rest of us are supposed to settle for.

Thirty-two states!

Sounds like progress, to me.

We Need to Empty the Classrooms

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Let’s face it, the Far Left teachers’ unions and Far Left teachers’ colleges aren’t going to change their tune. Leaving our children in their hands, five days a week, is cultural suicide. I think it comes down to this: either they go, or the public schools go.

To this end, I propose (doesn’t that sound grand!) a nationwide Public Education Walk-Out–ten million kids, and more if we can get them, to be kept home from school for one day to demonstrate America’s total rejection of what has been done to our education system.

If you like race-baiting, dirty books in the school library, “teachers” bragging to first-graders about their aberrant lifestyles, and that big, big push for Transgender–well, then, just keep on sending ’em to public schools. But if you don’t like what they’re selling, please stop buying it!

We have to show them we mean business, and a massive walk-out is a good start. We have to convince our, ahem, “educators” that if they keep on serving up their garbage, they’re going to have to serve it to an empty classroom.

If they win, we lose.

And we can’t afford to lose.

Pushback: Climate Policy ‘Creates Poverty’

GOP picks McMorris Rodgers for Energy and Commerce; Westerman for Resources  - POLITICO

Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers–a breath of fresh air

There’s a new House of Representatives in Washington, and a new chair of the House Energy and Commerce Committee–Rep. Cathy Rodgers (R-WA). And she has, in her own words, “hit the ground running” (https://freerepublic.com/focus/f-news/4122556/posts).

It’s about time someone said this, and she’s the one who spoke up.

“Climate justice is not justice,” she said, “because it’s creating poverty… Climate change policy creates a permanent underclass to be controlled by the government.”

You bet! Can you give me “Hallelujah”?

Congress needs to find ways, she said, to lower food and energy costs for American families.

Meanwhile the globalist gang is preparing to meet in Davos and devise more ways to meddle with our way of life and diminish our freedom and prosperity. The United States has to stand tall–and given what we’ve got in the way of government, it won’t be easy.

But we’ve got Congresswoman Rodgers in our corner, and that’s a start.

Ottawa County (Michigan) Cleans House

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The house that Woke built! Ottawa County says “No more!”

Voters in Ottawa County, Michigan, elected eight candidates, backed by the conservative Ottawa Impact PAC, to their county commission by an overwhelming majority–and ousted seven left-leaning “woke” RINOs (https://www.lifesitenews.com/blogs/michigan-county-commissioners-obliterate-woke-marxist-policies-programs-at-very-first-meeting/). Conservatives now hold nine of eleven seats on the county government.

When they took their oaths of office a few days ago, the new commissioners immediately voted to eliminate all “Diversity, Equity and Inclusion” programs in the county. At their first meeting, no less! And then they fired the county administrator on the spot–he’s out, out, out. And so is his Marxist agenda.

So it can be done! And must be done, throughout the country. The good guys can win local elections! They can put a stop to the woke madness that’s devouring our communities, our schools, and everything else it can sink its fangs into.

If Ottawa County can do it, so can other counties.


Stay Tuned! Good News Tomorrow

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Just to let you know, we have some good news on tap for tomorrow. This is just a preview.

*Ottawa County, Michigan–Voters wiped out the wokies on the county government and elected conservatives, who promptly fired the Far Left county administrator and set about undoing the harm done by their predecessors.

*There’s a new Republican governor in Nevada, and the first thing he did was to rescind all the state’s COVID “mandates.” Welcome back, freedom!

(There’s stupid nooze, too, but that can wait till tomorrow.)

Go Get ‘Em, Gov!

LIVE: Governor Ron DeSantis Swearing-in Ceremony - 1/3/2023 - YouTube

Ready to rock ‘n’ roll!

We do need more of this. So much more!

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis has demanded full financial reports from the state’s universities and colleges to find out exactly how much money they’ve spent on “diversity, equity, and inclusion and Critical Race Theory,” (https://www.breitbart.com/politics/2023/01/05/florida-demanding-every-state-university-system-provide-report-expenditures-related-diversity/).

“We reject this Woke ideology,” he said, adding that Florida will be “the place where Woke goes to die.” He has ordered the state’s Dept. of Education to provide all the figures.

Gee! Ya mean it ain’t fair to suck money out of the public, money that they worked for, and use it to fund a bunch of academic pinheads who despise them and want to tear down their way of life?

The people of Florida, the governor said, have a right to “freedom from having oppressive ideologies” forced “upon you without your consent.”

(Why can’t my state have a governor like that!)

Gov. DeSantis understands that there’s no room on this continent for both America and Woke. Let’s back him up.

Court Rules ‘MAGA Hat’ Is Free Speech

MAGA hats: Trump campaign swag or symbols of hate?

Just a little bit of good news–

The 9th Circuit Court of Appeals (of all people!) has ruled that a public school teacher in Vancouver, Washington, can wear his MAGA hat to a teacher training session because he has a Constitutional right to exercise free speech (https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2022/12/u-s-court-appeals-rule-maga-hat-free-speech/).

Huh? Well, yeah–it is free speech. (Ya mean it isn’t?)

Yeahbut, yeahbut! We can’t have that! The principal called him “a racist” and “a homophobe” for wearing the hat and said it made the other teachers “feel unsafe.” Again, if you’re that big a doofus, you just have to wind up working in the, um, “education” industry.

The school principal threatened the teacher with “disciplinary action,” whatever that was going to be, won the first round in court, and then got smacked down by the 9th Circuit.

If you “feel unsafe” because someone wears a MAGA hat, you are an idiot.

And so you can wear your MAGA hat… but what’s really needed is to liberate America’s children from the Far Left crazies cranked out by our Far Left teachers’ colleges. Public education is too far gone to be repaired. It must be abandoned: it’s a threat to the future of our country.

‘Liberalism: Dangerously Silly’ (2018)

President Joe Biden poses for a photo with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

Pray the election wipes the smiles off their faces.

Imaginary solutions to imaginary problems–that’s liberalism in a nutshell.

Liberalism: Dangerously Silly

In a couple of weeks Americans will have a chance to root a lot of silly and wicked people out of Congress. We are running out of chances to do this.

They’re betting “vote-by-mail” can pull them through, when no one in his right mind would ever vote for any of their public policies. They will cheat again. They worship power, crave it, live for it, and will do anything, absolutely anything, to get it and keep it.

We can stop them. We can vote them out. And we have to, if we want our nation to survive as anything more than just a name on a map.

Florida: Slaying the Dragon

St. George slaying the dragon Reproduction For Sale | 1st Art Gallery

St. George slays the dragon

Thank God for Florida!

Florida’s state board of education has announced that it will revoke or suspend the teaching license of anyone, any teacher, who will “discuss gender identification” or “sexuality” with children in an elementary school classroom, grades K-3–thus enforcing state law, the Parental Rights in Education Act (https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/us/fla-to-strip-licenses-of-k-3-teachers-who-discuss-gender-identity-sexuality/ar-AA12VLOp).

There is no reason for such so-called “teaching”! Its only conceivable purpose is to groom children for sexual experimentation–something that no one but a damned fool thinks is worth doing. I use the term “damned fool” in its literal sense.

Far Left Crazy will be screaming bloody murder over this. Let them! We only pray that this action will be taken by all the other states.

Thank you, Gov. DeSantis, state school board, Florida legislature, and the legions of parents who have stepped up–as they should–to protect their children.

They’d be even better protected if they weren’t in the public schools at all.

Small Town Pushes Back

What the cities can’t do, maybe our small towns can!

[Thanks to Jeri Lynn for the news tip]

(I am so tired today! Weather’s turned rotten, that must be it.)

Can “teachers” and librarians hand out to children any old smut they please… and be immune from the prosecution that would ensue if you did it?

The state of Kansas says yes.

But the town of Edwardsville, KS, pop. 4,800, says no (https://readlion.com/2022/09/29/small-kansas-town-council-rejects-states-legal-protections-for-teachers-librarians-who-submit-obscene-materials-to-minors/?fbclid=IwAR3wZxal_F5TNpbgnOwYueOcW57zteY3WWqGorh3dGGRHMfEBptw1Na3gqs).

Kansas has a Uniform Public Offenses Code to serve as a model for towns and villages who want to make amendments to their respective governments. Many states have such codes. And in Kansas’ code, teachers and librarians can distribute sexually-charged materials to very young children–with no fear of prosecution.

The mayor and council of Edwardsville rejected that provision. There are many compelling reasons for not habituating children to pornography. Everybody knows that except “educators” at teachers’ colleges, unionized teachers, pedophiles, and Far Left morons. Oh–and “TV personalities,” too. Get your 8-year-olds jazzed up for sex!

But they won’t let you do that in Edwardsville.

The Lord Our God does not despise the day of small things, and neither should we. Rejoice! We owe the mayor and council of Edwardsville our gratitude.

May their example inspire others to do the same.