What to Write?

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It’s Sunday–the sabbath, for many of us–and I don’t want to write about stealing elections and dumping our country into a cauldron of boiling-over wickedness: plenty of time to do that all week long.

I watch the chameleon catching the fly and I wonder whether God is trying to tell us something. The fly has no idea the chameleon is anywhere nearby. But here I am straying into the nooze… *sigh*

Judah the Maccabee, although he was fighting desperately for the preservation of his people, nevertheless refrained from fighting on the Sabbath: it was his way of honoring the sovereignty of God and declaring his trust in Him. So he would only fight if the enemy actually attacked him.

Against all odds the Maccabees recovered the freedom of the Jewish people. And their situation was much more hopeless than ours. They had to fight against men. We fight against cowards, liars, and fools.

Ach! There I go again. Sorry!

Is There Some Hope, After All?

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Is there a wild card in the deck, in our new Senate?

Thanks to Democrat cheating in the Georgia Senate race, the new Senate will be divided, 50-50, with Vice President Kamala Harris (Fraud Party) casting the deciding vote whenever there’s a tie–making her, in effect, a one-woman Senate. So Democrats will get everything they want–right?

Enter West Virginia Sen. Joe Manchin, who describes himself thus: “I’m a proud moderate conservative Democrat. Maybe there’s not many of us left, but I can tell you what this country wants is moderation (https://nypost.com/2021/01/12/sen-joe-manchin-denounces-impeachment-efforts-against-trump/).

Manchin called Democrat efforts to impeach President Donald Trump, just a few days before his term ends, “so ill-advised.”

Back in November Manchin pledged himself to vote against “crazy stuff” proposed by Democrats. “Whether it’s packing the court or ending the filibuster, I will not vote to do that.” Asked about it again this month, he said he would stand by that pledge: “Nothing’s changed.”

Memory check: Remember Republican Senator Jim Jeffords, from Vermont? In 2001, “Jumping Jim” switched–somewhat ineffectually–to the Democrat side, for which our Free & Independent Nooze Media Inc. hailed him as a patriot.

Think Manchin will get the same treatment if he votes with Republicans “to block major progressive legislation”?

If only he has the courage–and it will take courage–and decency to do it! We aren’t sure we can trust him. People we’ve trusted all along have been deserting us, lately. But if Manchin really can gird up his loins to vote against the crazy stuff, America will owe him a debt of profound gratitude.

Put your money where your mouth is, Joe. We’re with you if you do!

Sabbath Rest

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I want to rest, this Sabbath day. We should all rest: God knows we need it, and if we’re going to take our country’s future seriously, we’ll need to be well rested for the week (and weeks) to come.

I don’t see how you certify or ratify an election so rife with fraud as this one. I don’t see how the authorities can refuse to allow a thorough audit: because how do you govern when better than half the country is convinced you have no right to be there? Do they think it’ll go away? No–it will hang over any Biden regime (it sickens me to say it) forever. It will never go away: they cheated to get there. They cheated us. The stole our country from us.

So pray. We need to repent the sins, the sloth, and the foolishness that got us into all this trouble. We have to stop doing wicked stupid things. Our country is in the most danger it’s ever been in, not excluding World War II. The enemy is here and he has stolen our election.

It must not stand.

Fight it until it’s defeated; and may God the Father fight for us.

Death Ground

Zulu (1964) | film freedonia

For those feeling hopeless and defeated after seeing Democrats steal this year’s presidential election–hey, it could be worse.

In 1879 some 150 British and colonial troops stationed at Rorke’s Drift, where they were expected to be out of harm’s way, were attacked by at least 3,000 (and possibly as many as 4,000) Zulu warriors. What could be more hopeless than that? What could they do?

The ancient Chinese sage Sun Tzu, author of The Art of War, said it best:

“On death ground… fight.”

So that’s what they did, all afternoon, all night. And the next day, what was left of the Zulu host retreated, their purpose unachieved. The handful of men at Rorke’s Drift had lived through an inescapable danger. By not giving up. It was simple: there was nothing for them to do but fight. As hard as they could, for as long as they could. And most of them survived it.

The battle of Rorke’s Drift was the subject of a 1964 movie, Zulu, featuring Michael Caine’s film debut. Most war movies exaggerate the history, but Zulu understates it–because the true story of the fight was just too hard to believe. Caine’s character, for instance, Lt. Gonville Bromhead, was actually stone deaf: he’d been placed at Rorke’s Drift to keep him out of the way. His disability didn’t stop him from winning a Victoria Cross for his role in the battle.

As daunting, even terrifying, as our country’s current crisis is, people throughout history have been through worse. Sometimes they even triumph against impossible odds.

But they don’t do it by losing heart and giving up.

Losing Heart

How's this for a team name? The Wichita Flying Monkeys | The Wichita Eagle

I’ve been hearing from people, privately, who are too distraught to comment here, in public.

Their burden is: we’re licked, our country is over, our republic is lost, they stole the election and now they’ll do anything and everything they please to turn America into a third-world basket case.

But we do have public comments to that effect, too.

So what’s the story? Is America really over? We are asked to believe that 80 million of us voted to put a corrupt, senile old monkey in the White House. Who believes that? We’re asked to believe that 80 million of us voted to endorse riots, flood the country with illegal aliens, raise taxes, arm Iran with nuclear weapons, stage a perpetual face mask jihad, and take our marching orders from the Chinese Communist Party. Who believes that?

And the persons to whom we would normally turn for succor, the institutions in which we have for so long put our trust, they stop their ears against us and blindfold themselves against the mountains-high collection of evidence proving that the election was a fraud. The Supreme Court doesn’t want to hear it. The three, uh, “justices” we fought for, they are deaf to us. They don’t want to overturn a fraudulent election because “then there’ll be riots.” The hand that rocks the riot rules the world.

What are we supposed to do? “Oh, well, that’s that, that’s how things are, freedom was nice while it lasted, poverty and intimidation, that’s the new normal, just grin and bear it…”

Is this the same nation that wouldn’t let King George have a stamp tax?

The Democrat Party who did this to us, who perverted our election, is an enemy blinded by hubris. At the moment what they have going for them is shock and awe: no crime like this has ever been committed against us before.

We have to shake off all that shock and awe. Imagine you’re giving a house party and some guest, without warning, suddenly shouts a curse at the top of his lungs and smashes your lamp to the floor. For some moments everybody’s going to stand there staring at him. But eventually the people will rally and either chuck him out of there or call the police to take him away.

So, no, we don’t just say “that’s how things are” and let the monkey be inaugurated. We need to voice our displeasure. We need to scare these people. We need to recapture the American spirit that Admiral Yamamoto feared after he launched the attack on Pearl Harbor, and said, “We have wakened a slumbering giant, and filled him with a terrible resolve.”

We want our republic back.

Shake off the cobwebs and get to work.

Breakers Ahead–Look Sharp

The Gracchi Brothers | UNRV.com Roman History

The Gracchi brothers

It must never be forgotten, and never accepted, that Democrats employed massive fraud to win the 2020 election, the greatest crime ever committed against the United States. Because of it, we are entering a very dangerous period in our history.

The only right outcome is for the Democrat Party to go out of business. After this, who but a fool or a fanatic would trust them? But their departure will leave a vacuum that, one way or another, must be filled.

Another likely outcome, which to me seems difficult to avoid, would be a split in the Republican Party, populists vs. elitists, with the elitists picking up a major portion of former Democrats. It was this very split that ultimately destroyed the Roman republic. At one point, the plebs were so angry that they deserted the city and refused to come back until the Senate conceded their rights.

But the tension between the two classes remained, and late in the Second Century B.C. boiled over. From 133 to 121 B.C. the Gracchi brothers, radical tribunes, strove against the Senate to reform the state and its economy. The Gracchi went too far, too fast, and the Senate had them assassinated. It was all downhill from there, until Julius Caesar in the First Century B.C. finally put an end to the republic except in name only.

We must not let that happen here.

One thing we have going for us, that the Roman republic didn’t have, is a written Constitution. Their constitution, to which all paid lip service, was always a work in progress, never finalized. It proved unable to defend itself. We have a written Constitution to defend. We will at least know what we’re fighting for.

Even more importantly, we have our prayers, we have a God who is righteous, just, and all-powerful to whom we can pray. We can hope in His mercy and His grace. If it pleases Him to save us, then we will be saved. But as it was our sins, our sloth, and our folly that landed us in all this trouble in the first place, we have some serious repenting to do.

If we want our republic, our freedom, our stability, and our prosperity to continue, we will have to be exceedingly careful for a long time to come.

May God uphold and guide us.


A Gift from Me to You

This song, My Love’s an Arbutus, I like to post every year at Christmas-time as a small token of thanks to all of you, my readers, for your support throughout the year. If this beautiful melody seems familiar, you’ve probably heard it as part of the music soundtrack for Scrooge, the classic film treatment of A Christmas Carol, starring Alistair Sim. Anyway, it’s lovely, it’s soothing, and I hope you enjoy it.

A Personal Note: The conviction is strongly growing on me that all we have to do is not give up, keep piling up the evidence and shoving it under people’s noses: and that if we do that, we will win: the theft of the 2020 presidential election will fail, and our republic will be saved.

All we have to do is not give up. The truth is on our side. We can pray to a righteous God, the judge of all the earth; but the prayers of leftids are only an abomination. The evidence of massive election fraud is already heaped up as high as the sky–with more to come!

I don’t think President Trump will give up and hand our country over to Red China. We must let him know that we’re with him all the way: we will not tolerate any election fraud. Not any. We will not accept China Joe as our president, and his rogues’ gallery of commie burnouts as his cabinet.

Work. Pray. Tell the truth. And don’t give up.

With God’s help we will win this thing.

Civil War, or What?

Photos from President Donald Trump's first campaign rally kicks off in Tulsa

There’s a lot of talk of civil war being bandied about this weekend. And I have some questions.

*How do you govern a country when most of the voters who are real persons–as opposed to computer-generated fake votes–are convinced your election was a fraud, a crime, and you have no right to govern?

*Would you want to go to war with an army of whimpering college students and unhinged anarchists? ‘Cause that’s who’s fightin’ for the Democrats.

*They keep telling us “80 million people” voted for China Joe Biden. Well, where are they? Where are the Biden rallies? The country’s popping with Trump rallies. Could it be the Biden voters are invisible because they never existed? Remember what Biden’s campaign rallies looked like? You could’ve held one in your garage without having to move your car.

*How much evidence of election fraud has to be assembled here? It already towers to the sky. No rational person can deny it. No honest person would try.

Personal to President Trump: [Note: This opinion is my own, and does not reflect the views of anyone else at the Chalcedon Foundation.]

Mr. President, even as you’ve been with us all the way, we are with you. Don’t give up! We know this abominable travesty of an election is a crime, a fraud. It must not be allowed. The cowardly inaction of the Supreme Court was a disappointment; but we must persevere regardless.

You see the rallies, sir. We’re with you! We will not be governed by Red China, Black Lives Matter, Antifa, or our Lying Worthless News Media Inc. We do not consent to them having any authority over our nation.

Please, Mr. President, hang tough. Pray for God to fight for us, and defeat these wicked and ungodly persons.



Poisonous Politics

Poison Bottle High Resolution Stock Photography and Images - Alamy

I would like to write this up for Newswithviews, but my next appearance there is not till next Thursday, and I don’t know where our country will be by then–or even if we’ll still have a country. So let me say it now.

America is in danger of gulping down two political theories that are pure poison and will murder our republic. I do wish more people realized how dangerous this is.

First, we are in danger of replacing “the consent of the governed” with a manufactured consent spat out of Democrat-controlled voting machines and computers. This means they can govern without any real consent by anyone: just program the computer to give you as many votes as you need, by changing, discarding, or creating phony votes. It means the ruling party can never be voted out of office, no matter what they do to the country. Pioneered by globalists working in cahoots with Communist China and our own deep state and Big Tech barons, it aims at total control, world-wide. All for our own good, of course. It’s how they run elections in Venezuela. Genuine consent of the governed is foundational to America: it’s how the government comes by its authority to govern.

If we allow a manufactured consent to decide our presidential election, we’re finished.

The other poison is the notion that even if the election was decided by fraud and by breaking election laws, we’d best not do anything about it because if we do, there’ll be riots. So whoever can stage the biggest riots gets to govern the country.

Does anybody truly not understand how dangerous this is?

May God Almighty bring us to our senses, and give us the courage we need to put a stop to this madness, before it’s too late. In Jesus’ name and by the power of Jesus’ name, Amen.

‘Child Suspended from School for “Threat” to Use Magic Ring (2015)

One Ring - Wikipedia

They thought it was real…

As we wonder how to save our country, we must not forget to keep asking “From what?” And the answer should include “public education.”

Bad enough our teachers’ unions are out-and-out communists. But look at some of the tricks they get up to in their classrooms: like suspending a child for “threatening” to use a magic ring he saw in a movie, The Hobbit.

Child Suspended from School for ‘Threat’ to Use Magic Ring

I have revisited this case today as a reminder that our problem runs a lot deeper than the politics. Think about it. Did the “school officials” actually believe this little boy had a magic ring, which he could use to make another child disappear? I wish I had one that’d make them disappear! What kind of, uh, “education” would these schnooks provide?

And what in the world can we be thinking of, subjecting millions of our children to such a travesty of education? And that’s when they’re not “teaching” gender-bending and what a no-good rotten country America is, etc.

It’s not just our sins that have brought us to this point, where we have to fear for the destruction of our republic. It’s our follies, too. And our so-called education system is the biggest folly of them all.