Ugh! Giant Monster Bacteria

A picture shows Thiomargarita magnifica next to a dime,

Nature always has surprises in store for us, and not all of them are nice.

Giant bacteria big enough to be seen by the naked eye, for instance. They’re 5,000 times the size of regular bacteria.

These monster bacteria live in the mangrove swamps of Gaudeloupe Island, in the Caribbean, and were only discovered in 2009. Now they’re being studied in a lab somewhere. “Oh, boy, Dr. Frankenstein! If bacteria can get this big, why not bigger? Why not as big as boxcars? Our friends in China have a nice lab in Wuhan where we can work on that without Rand Paul breathing down our necks!”

It would never occur to anyone just to leave stuff like this alone. They never just leave it alone: that’s how they brought us King COVID.

A mangrove swamp seems like a very good place to avoid.


2 comments on “Ugh! Giant Monster Bacteria

  1. Of course, there are also “good” bacteria, like the kind that help your organs digest your food. That’s why probiotics are often recommended to people who’ve been on strong antibiotics for a while. But I’m sure the Laboratory Lunatics will make sure that whatever kind of bacteria they find they can easily turn deadly.

  2. Yes, they are working their little rear ends off trying to create population reduction methods and means. Well, ya know, “we” have to save the planet since there is no god to do that. Yeh, right.

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