Saving Violet Crepuscular for Posterity

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G’day! Byron the Quokka here. I’ve been elected Big Cheese of the Violet Crepuscular Society. I want you to know I did not seek this office. Some of us have greatness thrust upon them. And some of us have stupid stuff thrust upon them.

Well, Violet’s ratings are in the tank. She’s still popular here on Rottnest Island, but the rest of the world is just not reading her epic romance, Oy, Rodney. I heard a wombat say “I could write better stories than this, and I’m illiterate!” (Yeah, yeah! Let’s see you crank out almost 500 chapters, sport!)

We’re afraid Violet might have had one too many Southern Comfort/toothpaste floats and will soon float away herself–just short of 500 chapters! Oh, to get so close!

As President of the Violet Crepuscular Society, I call upon all good souls to come to the aid of our favorite romance writer. No, don’t send any money, she’ll only fritter it away (you know what those Americans are like). Just read her book! When she sees the numbers going up again, she’ll soon be back to her old self. I’m curious to see what that would be like.

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Maybe if we offered her a bicycle…


7 comments on “Saving Violet Crepuscular for Posterity

  1. Byron I am still reading it. If she stops I will not know what happens next. Please tell her to keep writing.

    1. I agree — although most of the time I don’t even know what’s happening right now. 🙂

    2. He’s not quite himself and sometimes seems confused, but the fluids and shots he got yesterday seem to be helping a bit. So far he’s eaten some breakfast and kept it down. I just have to keep watching and praying. And try to catch up on sleep myself. I’m exhausted. I’m shuffling around like an old lady — maybe because I **AM** an old lady.

    3. Sometimes when I stretch out on the couch to read or do a puzzle, he drapes himself over my lap for a while. But mostly when I nap on the couch he naps on a little red throw pillow at the other end of the couch. Right now he’s curled up on the cushion of one of his favorite chairs, a rattan chair behind me as I sit at my desk. That’s a good sign, actually. He didn’t sleep on that chair the whole time he was sick this weekend.

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