Bloomberg Op Ed: Let Your Dog Die

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All aboard the bus to living death!

I missed this back in March: a Bloomberg Nooze op ed which advised middle-class Americans that they can beat inflation by following these simple fun steps (

*Don’t have a car–rely wholly on mass transportation.

*Eat lentils instead of meat. (It could be worse: the UN wants us to eat bugs).

*And save lots of money by letting your family pets die instead of providing medical care for them when they’re sick. And anyway they increase your carbon footprint.

Third-world hellhole, here we come!

Don’t you love it? Our (ahem!) “leaders” trash our country, ruin the economy, make living an ordinary middle-class life impossible–and then blame it all on us! We’re selfish! We have babies. We have pets. We want to drive our cars. We’d rather have lamb chops than lentils. Boo, hiss! Who do we think we are? Why should we live any better than they do in Somalia?

They’re wrecking America and getting away with it.

This has to stop. And shame, and worse than shame, on us if we don’t stop it.

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