‘”John Legend” Sez He’ll Leave If Trump Is Re-Elected’ (2020)

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They never do what they say they’ll do!

It’s four years later and I still wouldn’t know this guy if I found him sleeping on my doorstep. Another prattling celebrity I never heard of.

‘John Legend’ Sez He’ll Leave if Trump is Re-Elected

It would be heavenly if all these libs actually left America, like they always say they’re going to and never do. The problem is, where would they go? What other country wants America’s whining liberals?

And anyhow, what are they worried about? They stole the last election, they’ll certainly try very hard to do it again in 2024.

‘Erasing Our Whole Way of Life’ (My Newswithviews Column, Sept. 21)

Free Demon Devil vector and picture

Surely he doesn’t look like this… but you know who I mean.

One of the honchos at the World Economic Fund calls us plebs “useless eaters,” fit only to be distracted with drugs and video games while they try to decide what to do with us. And there’ll be a lot less for us to eat, once they get going.

Democrats to Abolish Meat, Dairy Products and Private Car Ownership

What I want to know is, Why do they act like they know, somehow, that they can actually do these things to us? It’s like they know we’ll make no serious effort to stop them. Today Phoenix, tomorrow the world.

I’d like to get inside their heads and find out why… But it’s damnably dark in there. Might not be able to see much.

‘EU Honcho: Time to “Regulate” Media’ (2018)

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Come on–if you can’t trust a guy in jacket and tie… and dungarees (!), who the devil can you trust?

I don’t see how your maimstream (ahem!) nooze media could be made any more subservient to the government than they already are; but apparently the EU was not yet satisfied, a few years back.

EU Honcho: Time to ‘Regulate’ Media

I wonder how far along they’ve come on their “smart media” project. Now they’ve got AI–Artificial Intelligence. It goes with Natural-born Stupid.

May the righteous God utterly and thoroughly confound them. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

My Newswithviews Column, Sept. 14 (‘Something Is Wrong With Our Leaders’)

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“Hi! My friends and I are gonna govern your country now!”

This job is going to turn me into an anarchist if I don’t watch out. Wading into the stinking mire of the nooze each day, you do start thinking the nations of the world, including ours, are governed by escaped lunatics.

Something Is Wrong With Our Leaders

I mean, where do we get these jerks, and how do they always wind up governing us? And what nooze is simply too outrageous to believe?

I’m starting to believe it all. Even the satires. Because it’s getting so hard to tell the difference.

‘Perverting the Law’ (2015-2018)

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“Don’t fret, young man–utopia is just around the corner!”

And to think this was written before The Plandemic came along!

‘Perverting the Law’ (2015)

It was a watershed moment in world history, whose end we have not seen. We will either beat this back and recover our freedom, or be crushed under the heel of a global government.

That’s what the COVID crisis started.

P.S.–How about that? Today the computer refuses to post a picture.

‘Have They Finally Gone Too Far?’ (2000)

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One of the highlights of The Pandemic was provided by “school officials” in Rutherford County, TN… who tried to get parents to sign a pledge “not to interfere” in their childrens’ on-line lessons while the schools were closed. Yup–they wanted parents to just butt out.

Have They Finally Gone Too Far?

Now they’re gearing up another Pandemic, in time for the next election. Democrat Party lookin’ bad? Mail-in ballots to the rescue! Along with lockdowns, shortages, masks, social distancing–oh, yeah!

God help us, it seems a miracle there’s still a United States at all: teachers’ unions, Big Media, Big Tech, and Democrats working so hard, as they do, to destroy it.

Don’t let them do this to us again! They’re already taking their warmup tosses–“mask mandates” re-imposed at various “colleges,” and we’re seeing more people driving past–for cryin’ out loud, they’re in their cars–alone!–why are they wearing those masks?

The Pandemic was the best thing that ever happened to Far Left Crazy in America, and they’re not going to give it up.

But we already have our watchword:

We will not comply.

Now They Want Your Ceiling Fan

BOJUE 52” Ceiling Fans with Lights Remote Control,Indoor Outdoor Wood  Ceiling Fan with 3 Blade for Patio Living Room, Bedroom, Office, Summer  House, ...

Saving The Planet by restricting your choices!

Woo-hoo! Here comes The Regime to wipe out another one of your choices.

This time it’s your ceiling fan (https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2023/08/biden-regime-declares-war-ceiling-fans-fight-climate/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=biden-regime-declares-war-ceiling-fans-fight-climate). They want to impose “new standards,” driving an estimated 30 percent of smaller manufacturers out of business… and you will have the ceiling fan They say you should have, or none at all.

But I think They won’t allow you not to have a ceiling fan. You’ll have to have one, or your smart meter will rat you out and they’ll take you away to have your mind made right.


‘So You’re A Racist’ (2019)

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Joe Lockhart’s curtain call: “You’re all racists.”

So if you don’t vote for their guy, you’re a racist. That was their message for 2020, and it’ll be there message again in 2024.

So You’re a Racist…

Were there ever, even in this fallen world, any people more dishonest, more disgusting, than Democrats? Oppose them in any way, differ with them in the smallest detail, and they brand you a “racist” and want you erased.

Stalinists, the whole mob of them.

Saving the Nooze for Tomorrow

Judas Maccabeus - Wikipedia

I will not get into this business on the Sabbath day, the day of rest. Yes, I know we’re governed by venom-spitting dindles who think of nothing but new ways to make our lives harder and harder–gotta do it, see, to Save The Planet.

When Judah the Maccabee fought the Seleucid Empire to re-establish his country’s independence, his custom was to refrain from battle on the Sabbath, unless he was attacked and forced to defend himself. For his part, this was a declaration of his trust in God.

Nor did David attack his enemies until the LORD said “Go.”

So let’s rest while we have the chance. Our country needs saving. Our historic liberties are all at risk. Any leader who takes our side, they try to destroy.

Tomorrow we will fight again. We will not permit the Far Left Crazy to devour our country.

Oxford Prof Lauds ‘Depopulation’

Why holding your breath might actually be a good idea | Christian Thomson

Don’t exhale! It’s CO2!

They want to kill us off, do they? Leave just enough of us to serve The Elites as slaves.

It’s hard to avoid such thoughts, when you’ve got the mask of sanity slipping off the parasites at the World Economic Forum. They’ve got this professor at Oxford, on the WEF’s Global Council on Aging Societies, saying “depopulation” would be “good for the planet” (https://www.dailyfetched.com/wef-adviser-population-collapse-is-good-for-the-planet/).

There’s no one as anti-human as a humanist.

“Declining fertility,” she asserts, means no more “overconsumption.” Stop the breathing and you stop the CO2.

To which the golem John Kerry says, “Ditto!”