What–You Can’t Ban Porn from Schools?

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“Ready, guys? Let’s get that gay porn back into the 2nd-grade classroom!”

Not if it’s “gay” porn, you can’t!

The federal Dept. of Justice (LOL!) will “investigate” a Texas school district for violating a federal regulation that supposedly requires schools to stock textbooks and library books catering to “gay” students (https://amgreatness.com/2023/01/18/biden-education-department-launches-civil-rights-investigation-into-school-book-bans/). By cracky, it’s A Civil Rights Issue!

Far Left Crazy–in this case the ACLU–complained that the Granbury Independent (independent of what?) School District was violating the civil rights of sodomites by keeping books loaded with “gay” sex out of the schools. So here come the feds, here come the feds! And to think they once came after gangsters.

Why are we still sending children to these public schools? Come on, somebody, anybody–why are we doing that? If they can’t groom the kiddies into transgender, they’ll settle for LGBTetc. Living in a Red state is no protection. Why do we continue to hand children over to perverts and wackos?

Hey, the FBI isn’t going after Al Capone wannabes anymore. They’re coming for your children and they’re coming for you.

Steal a national election, and you can steal anything.

Fantastic Idea! Race-Based ‘Hate Speech’ Laws

Things that scare the living bejeezus out of me.

This is your government. Nice threads. (Oops! Federal offense!)

Red state Texas, hot dog. They keep electing Far Left wacko Sheila Jackson Lee–has she been in the House of Representatives forever, or does it only seem that way?

Anyhow, she’s got this swell idea to widen “hate speech” laws so they can be applied to almost anything you might possibly say: but more specifically, to make it a federal offense for a white person to express criticism or disapproval “directed against any non-White person or group” (https://www.foxnews.com/politics/sheila-jackson-lee-introduces-bill-criminalizing-hate-speech).

It got shot down in the House; but the next time Democrats cheat enough to take back the House, they’ll try again.

So let’s say you write a comment on a Facebook page, “I’m sick and tired of Black Lives Matter’s Marxist hypocrisy.” Uh-oh! It’s off to Leavenworth for you! Anything you say that can possibly be seen as an expression of “white supremacy” would brand you guilty of “hate.” (Don’t be confused. It’s not hate when Democrats do it. Ms. Lee can hate you 24/7. But if you say she’s a racist, you could face federal hate crime charges!)

Sometimes I’m surprised America makes it to the end of the week, given the multitude of villains, ninnies, bog-hoppers, schmendricks, jidrools, and wastes of space whom we allow to “govern” us.

And someday it’ll be against the law for me to say that… if “Progressives” have their way.

We’re Not Gonna Grab Your Gas Stoves’: Lie

Hochul: Storm will 'go down in history as the most devastating' in Buffalo  | The Hill

Oh, who needs restaurants? Not you plebs, that’s for sure!

I challenge anyone to name even one crackpot scheme that Democrats ever gave up on. Hey! Remember the Green New Deal, that they had to pretend to disown, once they saw how passionately the country hated it? Well, it’s baaaaaaaaack!

New York Democrat Gov. Kathy Hochul–how do these characters ever get elected?–plans to abolish gas stoves by 2030 (https://nypost.com/2023/01/11/hochuls-plan-to-ban-sale-of-gas-stoves-fuels-outrage/), even as the rest of the Biden gang denies they ever had any such plans. “All new construction,” says this jidrool who never built anything and never ran a business in her life, will be “zero emission” starting in 2025.

Now, remember, this is the political party that cries “Down with fossil fuels!” So how are we to cook food, after they take away our gas stoves? Well, forsooth–They’re gonna make us use electric stoves, of course! What that’ll do to ordinary normal people’s electric bills is a folly. And where do they think the electricity to run the stoves is gonna come from? Mars? Nope–it has to be generated… with fossil fuels!

Meanwhile, mandatory electric stoves would almost certainly be the destruction of New York’s restaurant industry. In addition to the electric stoves being simply inadequate for various kinds of cooking, they’d also cost a fortune. I can’t imagine how New York City could survive without its restaurants.

Once they’ve got a damnfool idea in their heads, Democrats NEVER get rid of it. They’ll change its name twenty dozen times, they’ll try to slip it into legislation that’s totally unrelated to it, they’ll hold more popular programs hostage (“If you want this, you have to give us that!”), or just pass it on a late Friday of a three-day weekend. We will never see the end of it.

They want your stoves, people. Oh–and your cars, too. Etc.

Aren’t you glad you didn’t vote Republican?

Can They Make You Say Things You Don’t Believe?

The Cultural Revolution: all you need to know about China's political  convulsion | China | The Guardian

Are we still in America?

Sometimes you wonder, “Did I wake up in Red China today? Is the Soviet Union back in business?”

Virginia Tech has shelled out $100,000 to settle a lawsuit filed by one of its former soccer players… who was benched for NOT kneeling to show support for the Marxist/racialist hate group, Black Lives Matter (https://www.newsmax.com/newsfront/kiersten-hening-virginia-tech-soccer/2023/01/09/id/1103642/).

A hundred thou is nice, but we’re disappointed the student didn’t follow up on her lawsuit and bring the case to court. The settlement allows the university to escape blame for any “wrongdoing”–to wit, violating the student’s civil rights by forcing her to make a political statement which went against her beliefs. 

The coach tried to compel speech from his players; he tried to put his words in their mouths. Compelled speech is unlawful. It is un-American. It does not belong here.

Both the university and the coach should have been forced to fess up to what they did and apologize; and the awarded damages should have been much more. What does Virginia Tech care for a hundred thousand bucks? It’s chicken feed.

And to hear them spin it, they got off scot-free, and “clear of any wrongdoing.” Which is most certainly not the case. But hypocrisy comes easy to these people.


My Newswithviews Column, Jan. 5 (‘Some Snippets of Nooze’)

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Used the ol’ kill switch one too many times, did they?

Amazing, isn’t it–the way the nooze keeps just rolling on and on and never gets any better. A.D. 2023 is only a few days old but the nooze has been up there for months. Consider these brief samples.

Some Snippets of Nooze

Now, I wouldn’t want to give the impression that I distrust our country’s leaders. It would be much more accurate to say I vehemently distrust them with every breath in my body. This business of a Republican House being totally unable to elect a speaker–how’s about the voters elect a Republican House and the House turns around and gives them a Far Left Democrat wacko for a speaker? It’ll be like Pelosi never left.

If that’s what is permitted to happen, it’ll be proof that our republic is truly lost and freedom soon will follow it into oblivion.

Chimp Lady: ‘Depopulate the Earth!’

How Big Do Chameleons Get? - AZ Animals

I don’t feel like posting pictures of any of these people. Here’s a nice chameleon instead.

You don’t have to watch this video. It’s only here because I consider it my duty to remind us all what we’re up against.

Jane Goodall became famous for studying chimpanzees and becoming a PBS TV star, not to mention National Geographic specials.

Another video has surfaced. In 2020, an older but no-way wiser Jane Goodall addressed the fun-loving statist monsters at the World Economic Forum. Here she publicly said some 7.5 billion human beings need to be gotten rid of, somehow, to beat Climbit Chainge (https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2023/01/must-watch-unearthed-video-shows-animal-rights-activist-jane-goodall-calling-depopulating-earth-solve-climate-change-video/). Makes you wonder what she learned from those chimpanzees.

Well, they’re doing what they can to erase our species, aren’t they? Transgender, homosexuality, breaking up families, permissive drug policies, assisted suicide, “vaccines” that just might kill you dead… etc. They don’t like us and they don’t want us here.

God loves us and wants us to be here.

Choose which side you want to be on.


‘Bill Ayers, Bilge-Master’ (2014)

Obama and '60s Bomber: A Look Into Crossed Paths - The New ...

We was all young oncet! But we wasn’t all bombers.

Remember Bill Ayers? You used to see his picture in the post office; he blew things up. Somehow he went from a “Most Wanted” terrorist to a revered “educator”–and mentor to that menace, Obama. Here he is basking in the TV limelight, a few years ago.

Bill Ayres, Bilge-Master

By now there so many Far Left freaks in our government that Ayers has been eclipsed.

I tremble for my country.

‘Germany’s Version of Free Speech’ (2019)

In photos: Germany's 'eternal chancellor' Merkel through the ...

Wiping out free speech? Who–me?

“Freedom” has never been popular among big-shot ruling classes. Sometimes it isn’t even popular among the poor plebs who are ruled.

Great efforts have been made to transform Germany into a free country. When that’s accomplished, the next project is to turn lead into gold.

Germany’s Version of ‘Free Speech’

In those few countries where freedom of speech is actually protected by law–our law, the Constitution, forbids the state to  take away that freedom–the government has to find cats’-paws in Big Tech and the corporate world to do their dirty work for them. Somehow Herod never fails to find men to carry out his crimes.

‘Do They Do It On Purpose?’ (2018)

See the source image

Democrat City, USA–and this is one of their nicer ones: the car still has tires on it.

When you look at the widespread ruination worked by Far Left Crazy, you can’t help asking, Do they do it on purpose? Do they wreck cities and whole countries on purpose?

I think they do–although it may be they don’t know their purpose.

Do They Do It on Purpose?

Over and over again we see it: “progressives” take over, ruin and violence ensue. But they keep on doing it. Maybe they like ruin and violence–as long as they get to be in charge of it. Destroying America… one city at a time.

God help us; deliver us out of their hands.


Did They Really Think This Would Fool Anybody?

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Bad enough they spy on us… do they have to take us for fools, too?

The Dept. of Education’s “National Parents & Families Engagement Council”–I’m already LOL–has been ordered disbanded, terminated, kaput after only a few months’ existence (https://www.foxnews.com/politics/biden-education-dept-disbands-national-parents-council-parental-rights-groups-sue).

But that’s only because several parents’ rights groups sued them. They’ve agreed to drop the lawsuits if the DOE would drop the “council.” Those lawsuits must have had a very good chance of succeeding, for SloJo’s Far Left Crazy administration to throw in the towel before the first round started.

I mean, really–a Dept. of Education that gets caught spying on parents, and is in bed with the teachers’ unions, and ravaging the country with Critical Race Theory and drag queens for the kiddies… The only thing they know about parents and families is that they’d like to wipe them out of existence. You wonder if these people were hatched from eggs and started life as caterpillars.

Anyway, the “parents’ council” (good grief!) was full of Far Left “activists, chock-full of weirdos, and the law says it’s supposed to be “free of outside influence by any special interest.” It only hurts when I laugh.

We are governed by people who despise us.

That’s the end product of our last two elections.