Kitty’s Bad Neighbor

This poor cat is being harassed by a mockingbird. We don’t know why. We’ve known bluejays to attack cats who’ve hunted their babies. Do mockingbirds do that, too? Anyway, somebody needs to go outside and bring the cat indoors. But maybe the bird’s got the humans intimidated, too.

3 comments on “Kitty’s Bad Neighbor

  1. The other day, I saw a tiny little, harmless, snake, being dive bombed by a bird. Even more recently, a certain Siamese was out on her leash and there were some very upset birds, encouraging her to go back inside. Cactus Wrens will taunt a cat, but then again, they will taunt humans, as well.

    1. Years ago, I had a Roadrunner lunge at my old Tomcat. He was large, but a very gentle cat, and when he saw that roadrunner coming, he ran. I jumped in and rescued him. Roadrunners are not the cheery, innocent, beep-beeping creatures we have been led to believe they are. My neighbor had a nest of roadrunners in her gazebo, and when I went to have a look at these birds, only a few days old, they were ready to fight. I love roadrunners and find them quite amusing, but they are tough customers.

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