Teachers’ Union: Ban ‘Mother’ and ‘Father’

Need we say more?

Do you really want your children “educated” by these people? Really?

America’s biggest union, the National Education Assn., currently holding its annual conference in Chicago (where else?), has called for a ban of the words “mother” and “father.” But that’s only because they’re, like, anti-human.

They’ve also called for mandatory masks and vaccines in all the schools. Yes, we said “mandatory.” So much for “choice.”

And then there are gems like this. One of their resolutions–we quote:

“NEA shall create a policy task force to develop strategies for placing the intersectionality of climate justice and environmental racism at the center of all relevant conversations and business,” blah-blah.

I wouldn’t let my house plants be “taught” by these characters. What is the matter with people who keep on sending their kids to public school?

Beats me!

4 comments on “Teachers’ Union: Ban ‘Mother’ and ‘Father’

  1. If any of this would have even been suggested, forty or fifty years ago (and maybe just twenty years ago), most everyone would have thought those people were irrational, insane, and had a mental illness. And now, it’s not just those involved with the NEA who are insane, but most of the parents who allow their children to attend the NEA’s insane asylums (government schools).

  2. The NEA folks are absolutely insane! ***They’re giving in to the demands from “1-2% of our population”. What happened to rule by the majority!!! —>Sadly most people can’t afford to put their kids in private schools, so they’re forced to send them to these badly run perverted NEA schools.

    1. That’s exactly what they must not do.
      Homeschooling has never been more affordable or more efficient than it is now. We are in a fight for our republic’s survival, and the enemy is the teachers’ unions. The only way to stop them is to pull the children out of those schools. Nothing else will work.

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