‘Presbyterians–in the Name of Allah’ (2016)

Is the end of Islam already here?

“Interfaith” means “no faith.”

The Presbyterian Church USA leads the world in interfaith faithlessness.

Presbyterians–in the Name of Allah

Mr. Imam had better watch his topknot. If he ever cozied up like this to Presbyterians in a Muslim country–presuming he could find any–his Muslim brethren would pitch him off the roof.

As an added attraction of this post, we heard from a nincompoop who sez “Don’t judge!” those flagrant First Commandment violations. Dude! If it’s so great, how come you’re “a former Presbyterian”?

4 comments on “‘Presbyterians–in the Name of Allah’ (2016)

  1. People are being conditioned to accept the coming anti messiah. Careful everyone.

  2. You are so right. There are far too many club meetings these days, while the will of God gets ignored.

    1. Hear, hear! Many churches are little more that places to go and get a pat on the back from someone that will support your actions, even if they are anti scriptural.

      Worshipping only the Creator is a pretty important requirement. Ask the Baal worshipping people in Israel whom were exiled to Babylon. Praying to another god isn’t something I would want to do.

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