Presbyterians–in the Name of Allah

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I somehow missed this story last month.

At their annual General Assembly, the flatline Presbyterian Church USA had a Muslim imam in to lead the Presbyterian delegates in a prayer to the Muslim deity, Allah ( ).

A few years ago they had people dancing around in animal costumes. Now it’s Muslim prayers. We can only wait and see what they’ll come up with next year.

This is the way a church dies: by slow suicide. By accepting other gods that are not God. By calling itself “interfaith” and pretending that “all religions are equally true.”

By trying to stand for everything, they stand for nothing.

7 comments on “Presbyterians–in the Name of Allah

  1. False gods, idol worship – the same things that got Israel in trouble from the beginning. We never learn . . .

  2. I’m a former Presbyterian, but I find your post shallow and rather meanspirited. Maybe meet some Presbys (and Muslims too) and try to “judge not” and see what happens. Just a suggestion.

    1. Gee, how come you’re a former Presbyterian?
      And is it really necessary to point out that praying to a god other than God is a First Commandment violation?

  3. Well, we can read right there in the Scriptures: “the love of many will grow cold because of increased distance from Torah” Matthew 24:12.
    If we will not obey God’s Commandments, we have no foundation on which to build. Simple. A “church” is not necessarily what we should be believing on.

  4. Laodicea is alive and well on planet earth. Will Jesus find faith in the earth when He returns? YES! But not in denominations – in HIM!

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