Please Pray for This Child

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This is Holden, Martin Selbrede’s baby grandson. This sweet little baby has had one medical emergency after another–the latest one a heart transplant, not quite two weeks ago. He’s not out of the woods yet, but he’s getting there.

O Lord! Please, Father, shed your grace on this little child and his family, save him and heal him. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

(Martin is a director of Chalcedon and has been a mentor to me.)

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  1. Oh, the poor little tyke! And his poor family, suffering along with him.

    Dear Lord, good Physician, please take Holden into Your healing embrace and make him well and strong. And good, loving Lord, please give strength and comfort to his family as well. We ask this in Jesus’ name, amen.

  2. What a tragic situation. My heart goes out to Holden and his family. But behind the scenes, forgotten and undefended, there was another living child on life support whose beating heart was removed, effectively causing his death. Who speaks for him? This is why I wrote a book, manage a website, ( and do public speaking on honoring the image of God from fertilization until natural death when the spirit departs to return to the God who gave it.

    We all need to study this issue ahead of time so that we can think biblically before the crisis comes and we are asked to make life and death decisions when our hearts are breaking.

    1. That issue had already occurred to all the family. Holden would not have survived without another heart.
      I don’t know how to judge: of course I don’t want anybody to be viewed as spare parts on the hoof. The family did what they believed they had to do.

    2. Heidi, this is why my lawyer/executor and DPOA designees know that I neither want an organ transplant nor am willing to donate my organs. I’m too conscious of the disrespect for life among today’s so-called medical profession. And if I’d had any doubts before, the deliberate (or at best ignorant) malpractice we’ve seen during the recent covid hysteria has confirmed my distrust. Thank you for the link to your website. I’ve also supported regularly the Terri Schiavo foundation and other pro-life organizations that protect end-of-life as well as beginning-of-life.

    3. There’s an old Rockford Files episode that addresses this issue–incredibly advanced for those times. You might be able to find it on YouTube. I think (if memory serves) it was discussed here several years ago.

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