‘An Appreciation: Churchill’ (2017)

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Imagine a world without Winston Churchill. The very best we could hope for would be an America surrounded on all sides by hostile dictatorships. There’s no way Britain would have survived.

An Appreciation: Churchill

Of course, we’re so busy now tearing down statues and erasing our history, there are college graduates who never heard of Churchill, are only just barely cognizant that World War II ever happened, have no idea what it was about, and take the blessings of liberty for granted.

Which is how you lose them.

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  1. When I was a child, and first became aware of Winston Churchill, I was astounded that anyone would care about this ridiculous looking old man, who talked funny and acted so differently from what I thought of as cool.

    Talk about a hairpin turn of opinion. Simply stated, if you were born since WW II, chances are that you, your individual personality, would never have existed if it hadn’t been for Winston Churchill. That is the extent to which he affected history. There is a movie called The Gathering Storm, and another called The Darkest Hour, both of which cover his development as a leader. The Gathering Storm detailed how Churchill endured ridicule and opposition, for years, as he was the lone voice warning of what was happening in a Germany. He was treated as an old fool, but he saw what no one else had the courage to face.

    The Darkest Hour was about Churchill’s first month as Prime Minister. He came dazzlingly close to being deposed by the forces that wanted to appease Hitler. Nearly the entirety of the British Army was trapped in France, and only Churchill believed that they could be rescued. The evacuation, by civilian owned watercraft, was impossible, but the weather cooperated, and I believe that they got some help from Above. Without cloud cover, these civilian boats would have been a shooting gallery for the Luftwaffe.

    Churchill used to observe the Battle of Britain from the rooftop, confident of God’s protection. I won’t question that. In innumerable ways, he beat the odds, time and time again. I don’t believe that Churchill practiced any denominational religion, but I am certain that he recognized his Creator. Fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom, and he, by all appearances, had that. He love Britain, and he loved liberty.

    A generation, this phenomenon was repeated. As a child, I remember seeing Ronald Reagan on television, and thinking that he was an angry fool, as he spoke out about the evils of Communism. But he kept talking, and came along at a time not so different from now. He stood up against the prevailing “wisdom” of the time, and had the courage to imagine something better. Even while in office, he was opposed and he had to fight against domestic forces that wanted to prevent him from enacting his policies. But he succeeded wildly, reversed the decline of the American economy, and brought the Soviet Union to a point where they could no longer continue the ruse thst they were somehow successful. They collapsed under the weight of their own folly, just a few years later.

    Perhaps God is forging another leader, that can champion the cause of freedom. We sure could use one.

    1. Amen, yes, we could!
      I love “The Gathering Storm” with Richard Burton as Churchill.
      We were blessed in that we’re old enough to have seen and heard some of the heroic leaders who got the world through World War II. Thanks to my mother’s teaching, Churchill (she called him “Winnie”), Eisenhower, DeGaulle, and MacArthur were always heroes of mine.

      Lord, how we need them now!

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