Mommy-Cat on the Job

This kitten’s eyes have only just opened for the first time, and he gets right to work exploring his surroundings. You can see how closely his mother watches over him.

I had a mouse once who had one baby, just one–and she wouldn’t even let us see it until it was fully equipped. I never saw a more beautiful mouse than that.

5 comments on “Mommy-Cat on the Job

  1. I watched the love and tender care the mother cat had for her young. Yes, it truly is a beautiful thing. Then, I thought about women/men ranting about abortion, the “right” to murder their young ones. To tear their babies limb from limb, and then crush the head to remove it from the womb. How horrible and evil that truly is!

  2. I just sent this to a friend of mine, Pastor Matt Trewhella.

    Hello Brother Matt,

    I watched a wonderful video of a mother cat lovingly and tenderly caring for its kitten. And I had an idea. Maybe you have thought about doing this, or have done something like it before, but here are my thoughts.

    A very pointed message and illustration dealing with abortion could be done with a short video on a large screen played during abortion rallies. Nothing would need to be said, the video would say it all loud and clear.

    Something to this effect would be across the top of the screen.

    “Watch the capacity for compassion, tender care, and love God has given all mothers for their young.”

    While a split-screen below plays two videos at the same time. One video plays mother animals’ care (all kinds of animal mothers) for their newborns and young.

    While the other plays the angry mobs rioting and protesting for abortion. Angry women shouting about their right to kill their babies in the womb. Showing the “fruit” of the abortion, pieces of babies. And other scenes depicting other such acts of evils dealing with abortion.

    Yeah, side by side…clearly showing the evil, pretense, and hypocrisy, of the “pro-choice” “my body my choice” gang.


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