Big Government, Small Liberty

Sri Lanka protesters break into President's House as thousands rally - CNN

Sri Lanka: they’ve chased their “president” out of the country.

You’ll own nothing, have no privacy… and you’ll be happy. That’s the promise made to humanity by Klaus Schwab, Mr. World Economic Forum.

How’s that vision shaping up for us?

In Sri Lanka, booming inflation and severe shortages of food and other necessaries have outlasted the people’s ability to tolerate it; so a few days ago they stormed the presidential palace.

In the Netherlands they’re shooting at farmers who are protesting government plans to Save The Planet by destroying farmers’ livelihoods. No sign of this mess calming down anytime soon.

In Canada the Trudeau Regime wants the government to monitor “private communications” (which won’t be private anymore) so they can come down on anyone who has a difference of opinion with the rulers.

Is this whole world sliding into tyranny?

Our Declaration of Independence proclaims that we “are endowed by our Creator with certain inalienable rights.” That means our rights are given by God and must not and may not be sold or taken away. It does not mean a government won’t try to buy them out or take them away. God knows they try. Our FBI intimidates parents who don’t like what the teachers’ union schools are teaching their children. Our borders are ruptured, and the Biden Regime still has its sights set on creating some kind of “disinformation governance board” to gag us.

As Plutarch once observed, it’s not terribly hard to set up a tyrannical government. The hard part is to keep it.

“Let freedom ring!”

And as the rulers try to stifle it… sing louder: and appeal to a righteous God who sets up nations and sets them down as He sees fit.


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  1. Boris Johnson resigns. Macron of France loses his majority. The leader of Israel is having to have a fourth election in five years. Fraudulent president biden’s party is trying to figure out how to get him out of the White House. All that can be shaken will be shaken.

  2. All this is leading the way for the “man of sin” takeover. Man does not know what he is doing, but the One on the throne in Heaven does know all about it, and is ready to straighten it all out. Can’t be too soon for me.

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