NPR Launches ‘Disinformation Team’–and It Sinks

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After labeling the Hunter Biden laptop story “a distraction” and “fake news,” National Public Radio–your tax dollars at work!–has launched a “disinformation reporting team” (

“Disinformation,” in this context, means any nooze that reflects badly on SloJo’s country-wrecking campaign.

Hot dog. If anybody knows about disinformation–or lying, to speak more plainly–it’s NPR. They do it all the time; and what’s more, virtually everybody knows it: the publicly-funded mouthpiece of the Far Left Crazy. These are the dindles who insist the 2020 election was honest. Stupid would be a big step up for them.

The scheme didn’t go well. No sooner was it announced than NPR was inundated on the social media by a backlash that they should’ve expected if they knew any normal people. But if you’re spending a lot of time disseminating freaky pronouns, you won’t meet many.

Leftids are always dumbfounded when they discover that regular Americans detest them. They keep thinking we’re all aboard the tranny wagon. They can’t believe we don’t want to go back to living a 12th-century lifestyle To Save The Planet. They need to get out more.

What’s good for NPR is bad for America. We really need to stop funding them.

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  1. There was a time I listened to NPR, mostly as a consequence of listening to classical music on the station operated by Denver U. At one time, the news presented was at least somewhat balanced, but by the ‘90s, I gave up entirely on Public Radio, because it was essentially a propaganda channel. IMHO, they have outlasted their usefulness.

  2. The whole leftist ideology is based on the utopian view, which includes the view that the utopian ideologues are themselves superior to the ignorant masses who must be formed into a utopian ideal mass — who will of course worship the gods who created their utopia. Meanwhile, the ideologues, as self-imagined gods, of course can’t fathom why the masses don’t admire them as much as they admire themselves.

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