God’s Stuff: The Goldfinch

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Our state bird of New Jersey, the goldfinch, isn’t seen too often. But when I looked out my upstairs window at the start of this day, there they were–a pair of them, visiting the sunflowers next door. The male’s bright yellow plumage immediately caught my eye.

It can’t be a bad day when it starts like this!

No, I didn’t take it as an omen or a sign: just a welcome display of God’s creation. Thank you for that, Lord. It was much appreciated.

4 comments on “God’s Stuff: The Goldfinch

  1. I love seeing these birds, too. There are not many in this area, but I do see one now and then, and really enjoy them. Strangely, there have been far fewer robins or quail around here. I have been wondering where they have gone.

  2. Beautiful birds! I love watching birds here in Michigan. We see a large variety. Recently, I’ve seen a few medium sized brown herons that I had never seen before in the 35 years I’ve lived here.

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