God’s Stuff: The Goldfinch

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Our state bird of New Jersey, the goldfinch, isn’t seen too often. But when I looked out my upstairs window at the start of this day, there they were–a pair of them, visiting the sunflowers next door. The male’s bright yellow plumage immediately caught my eye.

It can’t be a bad day when it starts like this!

No, I didn’t take it as an omen or a sign: just a welcome display of God’s creation. Thank you for that, Lord. It was much appreciated.

God’s Stuff: Cardinals and Winter

Don’t look now, but winter’s coming and’ll get here soon. Don’t shut the door against its more charming aspects.

I can’t think of anything more beautiful than bright red cardinals in clean white snow. I could almost cry, seeing it: it’s that lovely.

Praise the Lord for His handiwork! Which tells us, again and again, that God is nigh. Always.

‘Like a River Glorious’

Like a River Glorious, sung in glorious harmony by The Smucker Family–what would you give, to put your boat upon that river? And I don’t know about you, but I find God’s handiwork, in the colors of the autumn leaves, as stirring as a song.

By Request, ‘In His Time’

This was a special request from Erlene, and I hope I’ve got it right–In His Time, profusely illustrated with flowers, butterflies, and birds. With all this beauty in a fallen world, what will the restored and regenerated Creation be like?

Come you, you’ve got to love butterflies and flowers!

By Request, ‘My Savior’s Love’

I couldn’t find exactly the performance of this hymn Erlene asked for, so I hope this substitution will suffice: My Savior’s Love, Celtic-style, by Maranatha Music.

Really, I can’t help it: I always surrender to beautiful pictures of God’s handiwork, it always moves me close to tears.

By Request, ‘I Then Shall Live’

A bonus hymn today, requested by Erlene–I Then Shall Live, by the Gaither Vocal Band. If the music seems familiar, well, it’s Finlandia, by Sibelius. And how can you not be moved by the gorgeous photos of God’s handiwork?

‘O Worship the King’ (Encore)

I love this hymn–the first hymn I ever taught myself to play on the harmonica. I don’t know who this is performing it, but it’s a beautiful performance and the accompanying images of God’s handiwork–well, I find it very stirring. Don’t you?

Today’s Hymn, ‘For the Beauty of the Earth’

Before we descend for another look at the death throes of rule-the-world secular humanism, this brief reminder of God’s handiwork: For the Beauty of the Earth, performed by Michelle Swift. “Heaven and earth shall pass away,” saith the Lord, “but my words shall not pass away”

But the earth will last longer than progressivism.

A Most Unusual Dinosaur

Original arms

Check this out–and this is only the hands and forearms of a very odd dinosaur.

It’s called Deinocheirus, meaning “horrible hand,” and for a long time this set of hands and forearms was all that was known of it, other than the facts that it once lived in Mongolia and doesn’t live there anymore. Over the years, a few more bits and pieces were discovered, upon the basis of which, scientists have reconstructed this beast as an overgrown “bird mimic” dinosaur. If more bits turn up, they may have to change their view. By “overgrown” I mean, by comparison with others in the group, amazingly colossal. The others were about our size or a little bigger. You can see by the photo that this was way, way bigger.

God created dinosaurs, as He did everything else, and this is a dramatic example of the boundlessness of His imagination and the boldness of His handiwork.

God also removed the dinosaurs. We don’t know why. Maybe someday we’ll get to ask Him; but so far, He has not told us.

Where has He put them? Well, He has the entire universe at His disposal. So who knows?

When the Lord Plies His Paintbrush

I wish I knew how to take my own pictures and post them on this blog. I would’ve had something very fine for you today.

Today we have a dark, rainy, windy day, but I had occasion to go out in it. And as I was driving home from the store, I saw something which moved me to cry out, “Oh! Oh, beautiful!”

They were nothing out of the ordinary–just red maple trees. But during the week that had passed since I last went that way, they’d all been dressed in their full fall foliage, bright crimson, interspersed with a few trees now wearing gold. Their beauty took me utterly by surprise, as if I were seeing them for the very first time.

That’s when it’s a good time to say a prayer of praise and thanksgiving. Who but God the Creator could have painted this scene? And here it was given to me, an unexpected gift.

“For the invisible things of him from the creation of the world are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even his eternal power and Godhead…” (Romans i:20)

We can’t see the invisible things of God, but we can see His handiwork, His art: it’s all around us, everywhere we look.

This is indeed my Father’s world.