‘New from J-School: A Scoop Every Time’ (2018)

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These days everyone can be xer(?)–their (?)–own nooze organization. Some of you may even wind up working for an online nooze network. Maybe even for TV nooze!

Now, how do you win fame and fortune in the nooze? By scoring scoops, of course! Be the first with the story. That’s what it’s all about.

New from J-School: A Scoop Every Time!

For untold years, Journalists were held back by that “Truth” thing, which we now know isn’t worth a hill of beans. If you’re still bothering with “Truth,” you need to find another profession. Really–you don’t think they give out Pulitzers for telling the truth, do you? Sheesh, go back to Russian Collusion 101 and repeat the course.

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  1. I know of many, many podcasts and websites that pursue the truth and get it out there for anyone to hear or see – they are not owned by the big six corporations that control the MSM.

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