Weather Scare? These Cats Don’t Care

Do these cats worry about the weather? Not a bit. Wind–what’s wind? Looks to me like something pretty nasty shaping up. My cat would be under the bookcase by now.

The fish in the pond aren’t worried by the weather, either; but then they’re already wet.

One comment on “Weather Scare? These Cats Don’t Care”

  1. In spite of the appearance of the garden, that YouTube channel is based in Holland. I never knew that they had wind in Holland. 🙂

    Whatever, the cats seemed to be enjoying themselves. Strangely, I like wind, so long as I am not forced to be out in it for extended periods of time. I have a fond memory of doing some tech work on outdoor equipment on the plains of eastern Colorado, where the wind blows strongly. It was 40 degrees or so, F, and I just braced myself, and went about my work. That was over 20 years ago, and strangely, something I miss.

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