This Is Not My World

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You used to have to go to sleazy movies, on purpose, to get the kind of stuff that nowadays just oozes out of your car radio.

I was on my way to grocery-shop this morning. I turned on my car radio, and this was the first thing that I heard:

“I am an openly gay woman!”

What–are we supposed to stand up and cheer? This is something to be proud of?

And then it moved on to some guy who couldn’t manage sex at all until he took some pill or other… now he can go at it like a hamster.

Welcome to Sleazeworld. Look what we’ve done to our culture. I come from a world, I grew up in a world, where nothing like the above examples was ever heard. How is this world better for indulging such garbage?

This wasn’t brown-paper-bag radio, broadcast out of some drooler’s basement. This was mainstream New York radio.

I would like my world back, please.

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  1. Oh, how disgusting. I thought about the song How Great Thou Art. That should encourage us a bit.

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