Here’s a Little Chuckle For You

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Here’s something very funny that’s been in plain sight for several days, but I’ll bet no one has noticed it.

On the right-hand margin of this page, “Tags” are listed: the size of the letters indicates the frequency with which the subject comes up. Big is very often, little is hardly ever.

Now, when two tags of exactly the same size fortuitously wind up side by side, the result looks like a single big tag. And suddenly I’m reading…

“Reader requests sanity medicine.” It’s two tags side by side, but it looks and reads as one.

I was startled for a moment there! Like, which reader could it be? Who could possibly be asking me for sanity medicine? No, I will certainly NOT share whatever fleeting suspicions I may have briefly entertained.

[He shudders.] Somewhere there’s an algorithm that takes this sort of thing seriously and tries to do something about it.

2 comments on “Here’s a Little Chuckle For You

  1. Now you have me scrutinizing the tag list as well! I notice on one line “blog liberals vs. America,” which is oddly specific about the kinds of liberals — and if I start at the previous line at the same font size, I discover that it’s “lee duigon blog liberals” who oppose America. My, my, I never knew your blog was liberal based. 🙂 🙂

    This is fun. But I’m not sure about “global warming hoax God’s stuff.” wouldn’t you say the hoax came from elsewhere? 🙂

    Thanks for the laugh. I’m having a kind of bad day today. Not feeling well at all. Maybe just exhausted.

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