Slapstick Boat Launches

When you launch your boat, it’s rather important that the boat is to go into the water first, not your car. It’s amazing, how many people don’t seem to have grasped that.

If you want slapstick and the Three Stooges aren’t around, you can’t do better than to visit your nearest boat launch ramp. Hint: cars and pickup trucks don’t work well when they’re entirely submerged in water.

Not that we’re laughing at people’s misfortunes–but really, it’s very, very easy to avoid these mishaps. They really don’t have to happen.

P.S.–Do these videos actually show up on Facebook when I post them? I keep getting the Bell Mountain cover instead of the video. Believe me, it’s not me trying to advertise my book. I have no idea why this happens.

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