Our Anniversary’s Tomorrow

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I thought I ought to mention it: tomorrow it’ll be our 45th wedding anniversary. It’s sort of caught us flat-footed this year–Patty’s back spasms, all sorts of veterinary activity, my heel spur giving me the devil… I have a feeling that I ought to be giving her a car or something, but all I’ve got is a cake.

Ah, well. Last night a fly got in here and Robbie chased it around the living room. It’s been a while since she felt up to doing that. We celebrate small things.

It’s probably a good idea always to do that. Thank you, God, for the small things that save our sanity.

10 comments on “Our Anniversary’s Tomorrow

  1. Mazel tov, mazel tov to you and Patty!
    And mazel tov to Robbie, too, for being well enough to chase a fly!

  2. Amen. Prayers keep going up for you, and I pray for a happy, blessed day for you to celebrate your anniversary. May each year going forward together be blessed greatly.

  3. Thank God for the little things…Thank God you still have each other! Thank God for 45 years together! That is a real blessing! May the both of you have each other for many many more years to come! The “small” things always seem to take care of themselves somehow. It’s the big things that can take you down in a moment.

  4. Happy Anniversary! Ralph and I celebrated our 46th anniversary on August 7. We are one day and one year ahead of you two.

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