The Comment Fiasco, Chapter 2

Frustration Jigsaw Puzzles | Fine Art America

All the pieces in this jigsaw puzzle have the same shape! I wonder if WordPress designed it.

If your comments are still getting blocked (*sigh!), I’m still working on the problem. Here is the latest word from WordPress.

It’s “required that the commenter be logged in, or fill in the name and email fields when leaving the comment. If any of these fields is empty, the comment won’t post and they’ll get the filling-out-all-fields error.” Then they turned off a setting, whatever that means.

If you’re still blocked, please email me “with as much detail as possible” so they can keep working on this problem.

Your comments are very important to me! Please stay with me, I’m doing all I can to straighten our this mess.

13 comments on “The Comment Fiasco, Chapter 2

  1. Well, there was a bit more informtion on this one, so I’ll try again and see if this one

  2. Well, we finally did it! Praise God, and thank you for your patience and help. Great to be back.

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