‘Mis-Reading “Ulysses”‘ (2017)

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Naaah, I think I’ll pass!

[Sighs nostalgically] Here’s a post I put up back when we could all comment and enjoy a conversation.

Mis-Reading ‘Ulysses’

Sorry, but Serious Mainstream Litterature That Intellectuals Really Like has always bored the dickens out of me. How do those books get such great reputations?

In Huckleberry Finn, two con men put on a show that’s so bad, people will be afraid to admit they ever went to see anything that bad and so they’ll lie and say it was good, and the con men will make a lot of money.

I think we’ve all been conned.

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  1. There are all sorts of literary works, and predictably, all sorts of people just itchin’ to exclude anyone that hasn’t read certain of these works from their respect. I’ve read a few of the “must reads” and had mixed reactions. Moby Dick, all the way back in high school was alright, but certainly nothing I would read again. Robinson Crusoe, I really enjoyed and I found is evocative. Tortilla Flat, which was another high school assignment, was great. The Grapes of Wrath seemed to drag on forever, which made it less enjoyable to read, but perhaps the point was as an analog of the Great Depression, which seemed to its participants to drag on forever.

  2. This is beginning to get me down- I mean, just trying to reply and having it fail no matter what I do. computers drive me nuts sometimes.

  3. Years ago, “Giles Goat Boy” was all the rage among Those Who Know — verily, the novel of the century. I got through a few pages and tossed it aside, willing to be one of Those Who Don’t Know rather than waste my time. Within less than 10 years, almost no one had even heard of the book. After that I made it a rule to let any best-seller (other than topical nonfiction) “age” for at least 10 years before deciding whether to read it. If people were still talking about it, I might read it — depending, of course, on what they were saying about it. Otherwise, nah.

    1. One of the most pretentious pseudo-intellectuals I ever met was very high on . I always tried to avoid reading anything he read.

  4. 45 years ago my sister wrote her Master’s thesis on James Joyce’s Ulysses. I thought I had a problem because I didn’t understand the greatness of Joyce’s contribution to literature. Now I believe I was right!

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