New York’s New Language ‘Law’

New York governor signs new law banning 'gendered language' for professions

NY Gov. Kathy Hochul–she wants to control your language.

In their tireless battle against truth and sanity, New York Democrats have passed a new “law” banning “gendered language” (

Now we can’t even talk without the government shutting us down if they don’t like our language. Can’t say “councilman” or “councilwoman” anymore–nothing is too trivial for them to “regulate.” And you can’t say “prison inmate” anymore: you have to say “a justice-involved individual.”

In addition to being tyrannical, it’s bloody stupid.

There is nothing we can say or do without liberals trying to control it.

What? Are they going to throw us in jail for saying “man” or “woman” instead of “they”? How about “organisms that identify as bipeds”?

But as sociologist Theodore Dalrymple has observed, the whole point of this is to force us to say things we don’t believe, so as to undermine our self-respect and make us easier to control. The Soviet Union did it for 70 years.

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