‘More Petting, Please!’

What does your cat do if she wants to get petted? Ours relies on telepathy, in case the human has medicine handy that he’s just itching to give her. The cat in this video demonstrates a polite form of seeking attention. So much nicer than just biting.

7 comments on “‘More Petting, Please!’

  1. I love how cats will tap on you shoulder. Very polite. My cat seems to just want to be close to me, and doesn’t seek petting, although she’s not one to turn her nose up at being petted. I’ve hads there were very insistent about being petted, at every opportunity.

  2. I just found two old favorites to suggest for tomorrow: We Are Standing on Holy Ground, and In the Presence of Jehovah by Terry MacAlmon. I think these worship songs will bless everyone.

  3. Iggy has two basic ways of requesting petting. If I’m sitting on the couch, he drapes his front half over half of my lap. If I’m in bed, he walks around on my stomach and chest. Oh, and a third way is when I’m at the bathroom sink. He jumps up on the sink and serpentines over-and-under my arms, which is awkward since my hands are wet and I have to hug/pet him with my upper arms, being careful not to get soap or toothpaste on him. 😸

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