‘Math Teachers Flunk Math Exams’ (2018)

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So… 2,400 prospective math teachers in North Carolina flunked the math test that they needed to pass to get their teaching licenses.

Math Teachers Flunk Math Exams

I’ve been to teachers’ college. It’s a hoop they jump through, nothing more… although these days it has taken on more sinister overtones.

Should math teachers know more math than the kids they’re “teaching”? Like, if you’re teaching first grade, you should only have to know what the average 5-year-old would know?

Is the test too hard? Should they redesign it so that a first-grader can pass it?

Public education: Pay more, get less.

3 comments on “‘Math Teachers Flunk Math Exams’ (2018)

  1. That is amazing. Math was one of my favorite subjects all through school. Even when algebra was introduced in upper grades, and a lot of the kids hated it, I still had fun. Oh, well.
    Oh, did either of my hymn requests get through for today. I sent them last evening.

  2. Whatever happened to people teaching something that they had an affinity for, and maybe some skill and experience, as well? I took some technical training, some decades back, and one of the instructors was a math teacher. He had an incredible affinity for the subject, and you could tell that he liked teaching math. This made everything more interesting, because he wasn’t just a page turner, checking off milestones so that he could prove that his work was being done.

    Besides that, he was great at math, which was essential, because there were persons in that classroom who were already skilled at math, and he had to be able to lead the entire class, which wouldn’t work if he didn’t have the skill level to remain at the front of the pack.

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