A Movie I Would Like to See [Byron Takes Over]

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There’s a movie I’d just love to see, but I don’t know that it exists. In fact, its kind might not exist. There might be no movie like this.

Okay, it’s a lost city movie. Ah–but what do all “lost city” movies and TV shows have in common? They’re all inhabited. Like in that Wagon Train episode in which they find a lost city of the Aztecs–full of Aztecs.

But in this probably nonexistent lost city movie, the city is uninhabited. Nobody home. Protagonists discover it, go in for a look around. No sign of anybody… ever. Past or present.

Aha! But the city isn’t totally uninhabited. You might even say the city is haunted. Ghosts? Well, let’s just say “entities that you’re better off not encountering.” Turns out there’s a reason why this city is lost; and it should stay that way.

Gee, I’d like to see that movie.

[Quaestor’s Note: Watch, he’s gonna blame me that there’s no lost city movie with ghosts in it! Dude, I’m supposed to be trying to rebuild your viewer numbers! And I haven’t posted my TV listings yet, either. *sigh* Well, Grandpa always said whenever they give you a promotion or a raise, they up your workload.]

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6 comments on “A Movie I Would Like to See [Byron Takes Over]

  1. Byron, how about a Lost City movie with no one in it, not even ghosts, that the explorers decide to move their families into? or fix up as a resort? or a rescue animal shelter? or a fun house?

    1. Byron regrets to point out that he doesn’t make the movies, he just shows ’em.
      (Actually, you could make a movie like that with one of many ghost towns out West.)

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