Cleaning Up Mess Is… ‘Violence’ (?)

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Ooh-ooh! Violence!

In the bizarre World of Woke–gee, you could almost turn it into a theme park for ninnies: WokeWorld–things that would normally be considered good are denounced as bad. More often than not, the denouncing is done by dopes representing a college.

Take this scenario ( *Homeless take over city park in New Haven, CT–home of Yale University, bastion of applied stupidity. *City orders police to evict them. *After they’re evicted, students from Yale volunteer to clean up the mess left behind. *University calls this cleanup “violence” and terminates its relationship with the Dept. of Parks and Trees.

Leftids call it “violence” if you say or do anything they disapprove of, or fail to say or do anything they want you to do. It’s all “violence.” Silence is violence. Cleaning up after the homeless is violence.

Of what value can it possibly be, to be “educated” by fools like that?

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