The Disappearing Toad

I’ve always liked toads; they have a lot of personality and make pretty good pets. Here’s a toad demonstrating one of the secret techniques of Toad-Jitsu–burying himself in sand to elude a predator.

The biggest, fattest toad I ever saw was camped out under the electric bug zapper by night at the Sea Spray Motel, Beach Haven–snapping up every bug that fell onto the shuffleboard court. Did he have it made, or what?

The second-biggest were the ones in Aunt Louise’s garden: “hoptoads,” she called them. Something about her garden really drew the toads. Well, she was an awfully nice lady. Toads pick up on that.

5 comments on “The Disappearing Toad

  1. There are toads here, which seem to come out of nowhere, during monsoons. I’ve seen some that were the size of dinner plates. They only appear during monsoon season. I have no idea there they are, the rest of the time.

    1. What amazes me is that the soil in these parts is like concrete, during the dry season. I can’t imagine there being any oxygen available if they were hibernating under such soil.

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