‘The Science Is Settled…’

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I’ve been trying to take my mind off computer troubles by dipping into one of my favorite books, Meet Your Ancestors, by Roy Chapman Andrews, published in 1945. That is, during some of our own lifetimes.

One of the great science popularizers of his day, Andrew was famous for leading expeditions to Mongolia and being the first to discover dinosaur eggs. But in this book he leaves the dinosaurs behind and focuses on prehistoric humans.

Just about every jot and tittle of the Settled Science in this book is now unsettled, obsolete, outdated, etc. New discoveries, new techniques of analysis, have blown it all out the door.

The lesson to be learned is that today’s Settled Science is tomorrow’s hooey. This has always been true! Yeah, “climate science,” I’m talkin’ to you. To turn our whole civilization upside-down because “the science” tells us to is to turn it upside-down for nothing. It’s great politics, though: scare the plebs into giving you more power, more money.

It is an entertaining book though–gotta give it that.

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  1. Along the same lines, it’s been interesting to follow the attempts of astronomers to deal with the new observations by the Webb telescope, which seem to put the Big Bang Theory in question.

  2. Within the last two decades of my life, I have had to unlearn many “the science is settled” issues. And that includes a few Christian doctrines/teachings. Why did I reject some things I had held to all my life? Where did this “new” light come from when dealing with science or Scripture? I simply reread all the Scriptures on that particular subject or issue. Asked many questions, and followed the truth, no matter where it led.

  3. It’s just not science, but for some Church doctrines, it’s the same.

    A man that is so busy writing books, doing a blog, and other things, yet takes the time to respond, and in a timely fashion, is a man that has my respect, and gratitude. Thank you, brother. May God pour out bountiful blessings upon you and Patty and your whole family. We pray for you and your wife each day.

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