Kathleen’s ‘Bell Mountain’ Illustration

Look at this!

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This is a scene from Bell Mountain drawn by our friend Kathleen in Brazil. It’s Jack, Ellayne, and Ham the donkey meeting the hermit, Obst. I wonder if she’ll wind up illustrating my books someday. (Gee, that idea really appeals to me!)

So you’re here in New Jersey, you write a book, and someone in Brazil likes it so much, she draws pictures of it. It’s humbling!

OK, no more nooze! Get outside and work on Ozias, Prince in Peril

8 comments on “Kathleen’s ‘Bell Mountain’ Illustration

  1. Thank you so much for posting my drawing, Mr. Lee Duigon. I am very glad that you appreciate my drawings. My sister made one too and sent it to you. Whenever she and I draw a drawing of Bell Mountain we will send it to you to see. It’s very encouraging to know that you like our drawings so much.

    1. My sister Kerolyn would do a good job too. She is very skilled, better than me, even though she is only 9 years old. When we are going to draw together she always finishes her drawing first.

    2. That would be amazing, and an honor too. We’d love to do this together, Mr. Lee Duigon. Keep us in your mind for that.

  2. How sweet! I so love seeing kids really get into a book and then draw what they’ve “seen” as they read. Kids don’t miss many details.

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