‘Can Anybody Really Be This Ignorant?’ (2018)

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YouTube is full of video clips and still pictures that are obviously fake. I mean, it couldn’t more obvious if you stamped them, “Guaranteed genuine fake.”

Can Anybody Really Be This Ignorant?

“But I seen it on YouTube!” And then they go out and vote. That’s “our democracy.”

It wouldn’t worry me so much, only we do have the costliest and most intrusive “education” system in world history… and it’d be nice if we got something out of it.

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    1. Before we had the Internet, we had the tabloids–complete with Bat Boy, Bigfoot, JFK alive and well in a secret Alpine fortress, “Mad Dentist Bites Off Patient’s Tongue,” etc., etc. And Walter Cronkite, Dan Rather and Co. weren’t above hoaxing their viewers.

      It’d be nice if people saw through this stuff. But then we wouldn’t have the “leaders” that we have, would we?

    2. At its best! The mainstream media wasn’t all that good, and it has deteriorated, markedly. There are some great YouTube channels, but most YouTube is garbage. I’ve see some military history “documentaries” where there were anachronisms, right and left, clips of B-17s supposedly in use a decade after they were retired, that sort of nonsense.

    3. Lee, Lee, Lee! Hell no! They used F117 Stealth Fighters. I saw it on YouTube, just the other day. Elvis and John Kennedy dropped by, and we watched it together, until Bigfoot knocked on the door. 🙂

    4. Nah. I keep those hangared in my back yard and I’d know if they weren’t all accounted for.

      Gotta go. The Abominable Snowman is walking up the driveway. He usually tries to borrow money. 🙂

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